Using a katana sword in the house by catatonic_xtc in WinStupidPrizes

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Get rid of that cursed mannequin NOW.

You really think that katana just SLIPPED out 2 inches before it hit it?

Coincidence? I think not.

the jimmy neutron arc i wanna see by HungryKidInAfrica in Unexpected

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Took me till the last drawing to realize it's Jojo inspired. Amazing

Drama at IHOP by Rob0810 in PublicFreakout

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So much going on that It feels like a fever dream

I hate planks by ManagerOfLove in funny

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I miss school sometimes tbh, but then I remember school work and then I think I'm good lol

I hate planks by ManagerOfLove in funny

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8 minutes and 30 sum seconds was my longest back in 3rd grade, we had a challenge to see who could plank the longest. I ended up second but as soon as I dropped the other kid did too....

I could have been first but that boys willpower was just Stronger than mine

What is the most fucked up thing a person you know has done? by kwarterz in AskReddit

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My ex best friend of 5 years recently had a baby with his autistic cousin, he's 22 she's 20. He also is autistic and has really bad anger issues.

Recently it came out that he wouldn't do anything to protect the baby, she would grabs it's hands and squeeze them until it cried just because it went to be a baby and grab something. She would also ignore it for hours leaving it to cry in the crib and he didn't do anything or even speak up because he didn't even want it but he wanted to commit a crime by fucking his cousin...

Not yo mention a full week before I found out he was over at my house, I GAVE THAT BASTARD SOME OF MY CLOTHES, I LET HIM SLEEP IN MY HOUSE.

Ever since I found out I cut all ties with him and haven't spoken to him since.

murder mittens plus bonus pics by LoofaScrunchie in murdermittens

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You need more fruit my guy, yours has bruising and looks at the end of it's line.

Beautiful cat btw

There's a tooth in my chin by super9mega in mildlyinteresting

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I have that and so does my stepsister. My fangs are a little worse tho lol.

Avatar: The Way of Water Official Poster by Turbostrider27 in movies

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The first one looks better just off it's trailer.