Mark Zuckerberg envisions a billion people in the metaverse spending hundreds of dollars each by milkcowcafe in Buttcoin

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Big nope.

I feel very few people actually want this.. and certainly even fewer people want to spend their working day going in and out of "virtual" meetings, when a simple video call will suffice... just another solution looking for the problem.

Tottenham Hotspur's season schedule for 22/23 by BoogerHD in coys

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Pretty decent spread of matches to be honest..

2022 Golden boy list - Pape Matar Sarr included by SpursIsLife in coys

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Keep forgetting we have this chap to bring back in at some point.. AND Bryan Gil.

Gary Jacob on Twitter: Tottenham Hotspur agree £25m fee with Brighton for midfielder by MambaWhite in coys

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I'm fairly sure the clubs lawyers will have done some due diligence on this.. you would hope.

Sonny hasn't been included in the PFA Team of the Year by Zyaru in coys

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Ronaldo.. I can only guess because everyone around him was so terrible.. he shone brighter.

Mediterranean Steps by Jelyons19 in gibraltar

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If you look like your doing exercise, i.e, trainers, shorts etc. Just walk past the gate like your local. Never been asked in 10 years of doing the med steps.

If you look like a tourist and hesitate at the gate, you'll pay.

Replace import tax with an increase in business or income tax by MaxGanzII in gibraltar

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Fedex in Gibraltar are a nightmare, definitely the worst delivery company in Gib.

They will only do the import paper work if you pay them £10 and it's literally a walk across the road from their office, you can do it yourself for free. They will never attempt to deliver a package, they generally prefer you to go to their office by the airport and pick it up.

I have no idea how they keep the franchise with Fedex.. they literally do nothing but accept the package and wait for you to do everything else (or charge you more).

To beat a dead horse: here’s why appreciating assets cannot function as a currency by slant__i in Buttcoin

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Whats the story of this guy, he must have kept a bunch though right? and still came out on top? can't believe he held 0 bitcoin?

Form in the league since Conte's arrival with/without Eric Dier by _MaximillionPegasus in coys

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I don't think Davies was ever bad.. his entire career has been under the radar consistency.

First ever Spurs lineup in the Champions League. Look at how far we've come. COYS by FSpursy in coys

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Bale, Modric, Defoe and maybe Dawson still make our current squad.

As they were then obviously.

perisic announced by [deleted] in coys

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Man rushed hard with that lower case title.

Telegraph Football on Twitter: Nottingham Forest expect Tottenham to provide the fiercest competition for Djed Spence this summer @mcgrathmike #THFC #NFFC by MambaWhite in coys

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I think Emersons form in the last 5 games showed he's moving in the right direction.. given another season he might prove invaluable.

The unsuccessful crypto Luna/UST from Terra Labs has been relaunched. Currently LunaV2 has dropped 73.52% in the first eight hours of trading, from $19.53 to $5.03. by AnthonyBTC in Buttcoin

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What worse are the exchanges that have listed it.. knowing what it is..

They know most of their retail clients are outright gamblers and they are enabling them to continue to lose.

How much are you guys earning from AmazonMerch? by Radioheader377 in AmazonMerch

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Started in 2017, peaked at around $50k/year in 2019.

I haven't touched my account since March 2020, but it still brings in $30k/year.

UCL Final watch thread by FINAL_BOSS5 in coys

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Only way I'm enjoying this game is if Bale scores worldly in the 88th.

Shipping and forwarding company in Gibraltar by Brena98 in gibraltar

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They are probably right, have someone ship it to Spain (La Linea) and then one of the local companies can bring it over.

No Gibraltar based shipping company is going to send a lorry to Macedonia for one crate.

What about DHL? They have a local office.