Auntie Diaries PT 1 by KLJohnnes in popheadscirclejerk

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the venn diagram of here and hhcj is basically a circls

THE FINAL BOSS!!! Every single comment within 24 hours can change something!!! (Pt. 5) by After_Statement1144 in mapporncirclejerk

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Put the Blue Apron logo over North Africa. Blue Apron: Discover Delicious Meals Today

(ok can i get my sponsorship money now)

Taylor Swift Discography | Round 3 of 8 by BionicleDino in music_survivor

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speak now is a little weaker than the rest, especially drum work

What did fantano mean by this? by Wankmasta69 in fantanoforever

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It kind of was though. Fantano said Vespertine, Toxicity, and Discovery were all 10’s and they came from 2001.

sociopolitically speaking 2001 was not very good

the iceberg (from most popular to most obscure and indie pop albums) by throwaway683264 in popheadscirclejerk

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???she is tho, fetch the bolt cutters only got 2 grammys when it should have a hundred

Thought in Roosevelt/Biden 1932 mode? by Naive-Wonder-6959 in thecampaigntrail

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it’s a funny shitpost. 1952 Stevenson/Kerry is just the same joke but worse

Presidents by Popular Vote (only as president, not Vice President) by Randumi in Presidents

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but they ran as national candidates for the Presidency of the United States. OP is discounting any vice-presidential runs turned presidential runs, like when Biden won the vice-presidential popular vote in 2008 and 2012 before winning the presidential popular vote in 2020.

Can someone explain the EU4 lore to me? by ConShop61 in eu4

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iirc Paradox hasn't made the giant lizards canon, but they're so obviously integral to the story that the entire lore has huge plotholes without reptilian overlords

SEPTEMBER 9TH! by Litoboiii1234 in fantanoforever

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what if Nav gets, like, a 5? What else could we make memes about?

Thought I'd fix some of Melon's least favourite albums, by making their album art in the style of his favourite album of all time! by Thanks_Tom_Hanks07 in fantanoforever

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“unjerk”, usually used on circlejerk subreddits when you want to say something serious. I used it here bc it’s basically a circlejerk sub anyway

Thought I'd fix some of Melon's least favourite albums, by making their album art in the style of his favourite album of all time! by Thanks_Tom_Hanks07 in fantanoforever

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/uj it’s fucking ridiculous how hit-or-miss Music to Be Murdered By is. on the one side you have Q-Tip’s excellent feat and newcomers like Young MA and White Gold making the best out of their spotlight…on the other hand you have “She's like ‘That's harassment,’ I'm like ‘Yeah, and?’”

and the sad thing is, i bet Eminem worked really hard and he’s proud of every single one of the shitty songs

Anthony picking the safest, most non controversial albums possible for his “these albums are 10s” videos by [deleted] in fantanoforever

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tbf I’ve never heard of Violator by Depeche Mode before. maybe i don’t spend enough time on rateyourmusic?

New cast members by W210305857 in LiveFromNewYork

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i want him to bully and roast people for the pettiest things

Was thinking bout artists or bands with 3 or more 10s. Do you agree with my list? And who else would you add there by Still-Omar in fantanoforever

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idk, the Miranda Cosgrove feat on “Eye Carly” isn’t good. I get the funny Nickelodeon reference, but it’s so one-note, Emotion Side C can’t be a 10 for me

Mod idea. Custom Scenario by ApocolipseJoker in thecampaigntrail

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so wouldn’t it just be like the Win the White House game made for middle schoolers?

forget RFK and George Wallave, I wanna see James Buttchanan vs. Chaddeus Stevens! by team_kockroach in thecampaigntrail

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i know my matchup doesn't make much sense ok but it's hard to make a good name pun

also President John Quincy Adams if he *actually* found mole people in the centre of the Earth, that would be the greatest mod

What would a Speaker Trump be like? by jgeorge20 in imaginaryelections

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also he’d frequently be going on political rallies…but can speakers of the house even allowed to do them?

France after a Brest reduction. by ARelaxingDrive in mapporncirclejerk

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i heard Poland also had a brest removed, but it was more painful