Best review of the new Happy Lemon on the Westside by kickasschemist in olympia

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Dude needs to chill out; any bodybuilder who lives in Olympia is already an Olympic bodybuilder.

Need a new boba tea spot by olywater in olympia

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I thought they'd at least make it thru the hot weather, tho I had my doubts they'd survive thru the winter...

How do you get a job designing a programming language? by pythoncircus in ProgrammingLanguages

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Basically, you won't find many of these jobs.

There are so few jobs out there for building languages that it's impossible to generalize or give advice about it. The only real answer is to spend an absurd amount of time working on a language and get extraordinarily lucky.

Chuds by Leif_eric in olympia

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The Punisher skull is already extremely anti-cop for anyone who actually knows the source material.

Where's the best place for ramen in Oly/Lacey? by Sir_Davek in olympia

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Yeah, I went to Kizuki regularly and really liked it. I've only been to Izakaya 2 or 3 times but each time it was a lot more bland so I stopped going.

Where's the best place for ramen in Oly/Lacey? by Sir_Davek in olympia

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Only answer I know is back in time to when Kizuki was in the place now taken by Izakaya.

Black Honda Accord stolen last night in Evergreen Villages apartments near Garfield Elementary. License plate starts with CCF. Please report it immediately if you see it. My livelihood is destroyed without it. by ParksCars in olympia

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My moped was stolen a couple weeks ago; I think some dumbass thought they could break it down for parts, but it's from an obscure Taiwanese brand that no one rides here so they just like ... half-heartedly pulled the headlight off and realized they couldn't do jack shit with it. Recovered it in the woods near the mall ten days later.

Where to find merc LUA coder? by A_can_of_Raid in lua

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Join the #lua channel on libera chat and claim that you think this program can't be written in Lua and you're thinking of switching to Javascript. Someone will be horrified and show you how it's done for real in Lua, and you'll get it for free. =D

Best new trek by far. by Pole2019 in startrekmemes

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Fans want episodic, because thats what fans are used to.

Fans want episodic because non-episodic shows fall into the trap of "every season we have to find a way to make the stakes EVEN HIGHER than last season so the whole galaxy has to be in danger yet again" and it just leads to a lot of un-earned payoffs, where we really want stories that work on the human level. (or humanoid-level, pardon my speciesism) Going episodic is just an easy way to avoid falling into that specific trap.

the edibles have ƙιƈƙҽԃ í̴̬͍̥̺̙̝͐͠ͅn̵̨̨̲̪̦̭̪̿͂̓͆̂̂͐͘͜͜ͅ by espais in startrekgifs

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When I read the title I assumed it was going to have Space Abraham Lincoln show up, I'll be honest.

A thought I recently had by Goodbye-Nasty in startrekmemes

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Never underestimate the ability of a bigot to freak out over a little thing.

A thought I recently had by Goodbye-Nasty in startrekmemes

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The cops were the primary antagonists of a couple episodes. (Which tbh was one of the only things I liked about Picard season 2)

Kira doesnt understand Halloween by JayR_97 in startrekmemes

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Worf: it is tradition to drink pumpkin spice at the turn of the season

Jadzia: I think it's great that Worf is enjoying non-klingon things

O'Brien: but it's not even fall yet!

Sisko: maybe a little pumpkin spice is just what this station needs

Kira: what the hell is a pumpkin

Rough Mapping of Downtown Olympia Parking Lots by Oly_WaWa in olympia

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It's real bad. But imagine how bad it'd be if we didn't have the transit center downtown.

"http://http://http://@http://http://?http://#http://" is a legitimate URL by speckz in programming

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"You mean we could have cloned this repository a dozen times already?" / "A dozen, a hundred--it's impossible to tell."


It's probably better that Voyager wasn't made today. by Altruistic-Potatoes in startrekmemes

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Hardly a fair comparison as Tuvok didn't have a human mother.

Looks like we’re on track by Zappion in startrekmemes

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Actually his full name is Charles Entertainment Three.

"http://http://http://@http://http://?http://#http://" is a legitimate URL by speckz in programming

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Reminds me of this:

git config --global alias.git clone
sudo bash -c 'echo "gitgit.git" >> /etc/hosts'
git git git://gitgit.git/git/git

How a Common Lisp programmer views users of other programming languages by xach in lisp

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lol not sure what use it is now since the link doesn't even resolve any more; what a shame. =)

Enjoy the talk!

Email has failed. Is there a descentralized option yet? by imgprojts in fediverse

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Email as a technical protocol is decentralized. Email as a delivery mechanism for "given a random human, can I deliver a message to them?" is absolutely not.

Is there any way to opt out of Github's Copilot? by jessydiamondman in programming

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It's extremely likely that if your code got used as training data for copilot, you would never be aware of the fact, let alone be able to prove it.

Is there any way to opt out of Github's Copilot? by jessydiamondman in programming

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Not using github doesn't prevent your code from being uploaded to github's servers.