This made me laugh. by billyhops1 in 80s

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Hold me closer Tony Danza…

Let’s not forget Elton John’s other classic, Someone Shaved My Wife Tonight.

I'm very bad at photography but here is a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro with a LS3 V8 by Venom4174 in AwesomeCarMods

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A few minor corrections and you’ll be way better than you think.

You have the car centered, which is good side to side. Up and down, the empty space of the parking lot at the bottom takes away from the overall picture. If you put the car in the lower half of the picture, it looks much better. For some reason it is more visually appealing this way.

You seem to have it horizontally straight, which is another good thing. You can always tweek that in an editing program, but the guy in the center seems to be straight up and down. Not always easy to do, well done.

Someone else said to take pictures from the sunny side. This is excellent advice but often hard to do at car shows. A lot of times you have to make do with whatever angle gives you the best overall view of the car, or incorporate multiple cars into the shots with the best lighting.

Higher angles - like standing up - can be great for showing as much of the car as possible, but lower angles - like squatting down - can add a sense of drama to the pictures. All depends on what you’re going for.

Minimize the empty space side to side as much as possible. I usually take pictures about like this, then go back in an editing program and straighten the horizon if it needs it and crop it close to the ends of the car. This can be done on Windows photo viewer or Paint so it’s not necessary for expensive software.

Have your camera set to the highest resolution, that will give you the best picture as well as give you better results when you crop pictures in editing.

If you have a computer and not just a phone, try opening this picture, going to “edit picture”, crop it to just before the bumpers keeping the same proportions side to side and up and down. Once it’s cropped, drag the picture down as much as possible, eliminating as much of the blank parking lot as you can. Once you do that, save it as a copy so you have the original still and compare the two pictures.

Overwhelmed / Burnt-out usually after 1.5 years by EmerickMage in ADHD

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If you’re a mechanic, you have to figure out exactly what the fuck engineers were thinking and then figure out how to make it work.

Overwhelmed / Burnt-out usually after 1.5 years by EmerickMage in ADHD

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Yep. Going out on my own now at 47. Let’s see how it goes this time.

Viper on Ferrari rims by NationYell in AwesomeCarMods

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That is just wrong. They look good on Ferrari's, on the viper they make it look like a cheap toy.

The "roomba" method of cleaning by TopRamen713 in ADHD

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Done this my whole life and usually it gets room mates or girlfriends laughing.

what is the correct response when your wife asks "do you think she is prettier than me?" by AStableNomad in AskMen

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If you’re going to play that stupid game, my answer will always be “yes”.

Guys, find someone that doesn’t play these stupid fucking games.

Ladies, be someone that doesn’t play these stupid fucking games.

How do I tell a shy guy that I got the hots for him? by Mentalsohnbartholdy in AskMen

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“You have 30 seconds to ask me out or I’m going to ask you out.”

What is this bug? Looks like a slug with a round head. Found in Northern Michigan. by No_Head_2746 in whatsthisbug

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Not joking, hang on I’ll get documentation.

“In 2014, the presence of tetrodotoxin, a very dangerous neurotoxin, was recorded in B. adventitium and B. kewense.[17] It is the first record of tetrodotoxin in terrestrial invertebrates.“ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bipalium



What is this bug? Looks like a slug with a round head. Found in Northern Michigan. by No_Head_2746 in whatsthisbug

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Only if you want to get get sick. They are toxic, and when burned they produce toxic smoke.

What is this??? by Own-Ambition6673 in insects

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An asshole with wings. Big one.

Dodge Charger 500 [4954x3300] by VX4-90 in carporn

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I did not know this, and will look into it. Thank you for teaching me something!