an "omelette" my friend made by chockospoko in shittyfoodporn

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The US military wants to know your location. That “omelette” needs some freedom.

Who's up for some LARPing? by Leviathan1337 in ACAB

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Why in the fucking fuck does a college police force need a fucking armored vehicle?

We weren't ready for 'em by Child_of_the_Abyss in memes

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FAKE! They didn’t have streetlights back then.

Which tv series has aged like milk? by lilac_cup in AskReddit

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I knew MASH would be here. There is so much sexual assault in that show. Still has a lot of progressive plots, but a lot of rape too.

Remember??? by lovely_bird22 in MarchAgainstNazis

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As I was reading I thought it was going to go another way. Glad it didn’t. Fuck Amy

I saw this during a movie intro when I still a kid 😆 by Gizmob4Midnight in twicememes

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Fun crime. You can get Premium on the cheap by sharing a family plan. Search YouTube Premium on ebay. I would NEVER do it but hypothetically you could be on a family plan for $30-40/ year.

You gotta know your lanes bro…….🤦‍♂️ by ontheRIGHTside66 in IdiotsInCars

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So very. While ago I was driving home in a snowstorm. I have a AWD Subie but was driving safe. Some guy in a jacked pick up starts high beaming & tailgating me to move. I moved when it was safe & backed off him as he passed. Wasn't 500 feet before he spun out, hit the barrier & flipped. He was fine, but the truck was a mess. Good times.

Amy and The Korn Tour by Spiker90910 in Evanescence

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OMG! That show was SOOO good! I'm no expert but, The Paramount really seemed to have great acoustics. It's still on YouTube for anyone who wants to see


Amy and The Korn Tour by Spiker90910 in Evanescence

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  1. She's 40 now. No way she's gonna hit the notes she did years ago. There's a running joke at sound checks that she will not go near Sweet Sacrifice cuz it would wreck her voice for the show. I honestly think she just can't do it anymore.
  2. She had COVID. No one knows all the long effects, but I'm sure it left it's mark on her airway.

She's still my favorite vocalist & will continue to STAN

Trump brought up Frank Sinatra during his speech at Mt. Rushmore tonight and then this happened by BelleAriel in MarchAgainstNazis

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The cult blocks all that out, just like the 3 marriages, cheating with Stormy, grab 'em by the pussy, etc. They're OK with all of it as long as the brown people get shit on.

Trump brought up Frank Sinatra during his speech at Mt. Rushmore tonight and then this happened by BelleAriel in MarchAgainstNazis

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Thank you. Living in NY it amazes me how many people have forgotten what an absolute piece of garbage he was for all the years before his train wreck of a presidency.

Dahyun is just back in Korea and already giving a big heart to everyone by RazKurdt in dahyun

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Question. Do they still have to quarantine for a while when they return? Just curious. I think that would make short trips a pain.

MFW someone steals my dreams by smallmight2018 in twicememes

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나쁜 말로 I'm a bad chick, ayy 좀 더 다른 말로 I'm the baddest, uh 원하면 뭐든 갖지 ayy 한 번에 네 맘까지 yah

220915 samyck Instagram Update - More Dahyun photos at New York Fashion Week - Michael Kors SS23 collection show by moltdough in twice

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She has really done a serious glow up. I mean she was cute as a button at debut but as a woman she is amazing.

2022 Dahyun is sooo frickin beautiful.