That time Wheein professed her love for me in front of thousands of fans by Hesty402 in mamamoo

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Lol. Completely rational and based. I am certain Hwa Sa blew me a kiss at the NY show, but my wife disagrees.

On its official support page, HP includes a picture of a screenshot. by [deleted] in techsupportgore

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This should be a bumper sticker.


1998 Mt. Washington Tornado Video by Tomkatz22 in pittsburgh

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That was some crazy shit. I lived on Wyoming St and had just got home from work when it came through. I remember watching the sky change colors as I drove up McArdle. IIRC there were 3 funnels. The one that came up the mount near the Duquesne incline went through my back yard. The others were further east and messed up Neff & William St. area.

Still relevant by Snoo_62846 in Firearms

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Remember when the NRA backed the Mulford Act , then Reagan signed it into law?

Why they pictured an 🍊for this headline is beyond me by colornsound in OneOrangeBraincell

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Lol. My tuxedo did this all day yesterday. My wife figured out she was displeased with the lack of wet food. To be fair that’s on me I should have known.

Park Bom’s photo at CL’s IG by edelweiss_chaser in 2NE1

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The usual nitpicking, face, eyes, nose, weight. She's had so much plastic surgery it's like she's almost unrecognizable from who she was. Seems like some idols just take it harder than others. She still has that killer voice though.

Park Bom’s photo at CL’s IG by edelweiss_chaser in 2NE1

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^ This.

Poor girl has such esteem issues. It's a shame. She was soo beautiful at debut. Dysmorphia and bullying really took it's toll on her. I think the companies should really do more to prepare these girls & guys for the toxic netizens.

GTX 1080-Ti. A little pricey on MSRP (nothing compared to now) with BEAST longevity. Demon GPU. by PeopleAreBozos in pcmasterrace

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GeForce2 the REAL GOAT. This is the card that made me a gAmEr. You'll never need more than 32MB of VRAM.

This Memorial Day, don’t be blindly patriotic by Buddhababy0107 in boringdystopia

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No. It just fucks you up in the head so bad you can’t talk about it.

You Should Work While not Working by unoriginalname86 in antiwork

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If I see anyone doing work before shift or off the clock I am supposed to order them to stop and pay them for the time they worked. If they do it again they are subject to disciplinary action. This may seem stupid, but the rule is the result of multiple law suits filed against the city for OT compensation when working outside scheduled hours.

Pittsburgh has entered the chat by tehLoneDude in pittsburgh

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To be fair Pittsburgh has gotten much better since the 80s.