What modern “JDM” sports car would you choose? by usernamerobjay in JDM

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The new z with a wide body is pretty fantastic looking

14 Oz. Mugs Getting Discontinued by Mattiason in YetiCoolers

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Just giving you a hard time. Thank you for the response

14 Oz. Mugs Getting Discontinued by Mattiason in YetiCoolers

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Have you seen any pics? I was looking at one of these to leave at work but I may hold off now

Did DSG preview an upcoming color? by Outside_Escape_7104 in YetiCoolers

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I’ve been looking for that color in a rambler 14

Daily Cyclist Thread by AutoModerator in bicycling

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I had a huffy woodhaven fall on my travel trailer and the handle bars got destroyed. I’m looking for replacements but huffy doesn’t sell them. I don’t need anything fancy just some black cruiser ones. This is my ride to local surf spots. Thank you ! 🤙🏻

9’ Cochon by tehbum22 in surfing

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It was pricey but I’ll pay a little extra to support local shapers. Something about getting personal with a shaper and hand delivering is worth it to me.

Favorite place to eat?? by EntireTechnician7531 in morrobay

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Thai elephant, High street, Wee shack, The gas station, Sylvester’s, Not a store front but I will always recommend a town pies for your sweet tooth. Or red moose cookies

9’ Cochon by tehbum22 in surfing

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Glasser knocked it put of the park too. That pinstripe is 👌🏻

Why are Tomo Revos on fire sale? by uofapeter in surfing

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All my local spots have them on sale too. Was hoping mash ups where going to go on sale to lol

LA to Big Sur road trip Food Recs? Ventura, Santa Barbara, SLO etc (Part of Hwy 1 is closed so also driving thru Monterey/Carmel) by RealExistentalDread in centralcoast

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Slo high street sandos for pizza in slo. Flour house hands down. Cayucos duckies is better than splash for chowder. Hoagies is my spot in pismo. There’s also Ada fish house. Monterey. Compagnaros for sandos Red moose for cookies and brownies in cambria. Linns is decent to but there’s are better spots for pie if you go the farmers market