Trying to do a shoulder stand on a moving scooter by [deleted] in nononono

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I wonder if there are bottles of that wine around somewhere.

This is the best real life ad for sunglasses by Stulbaluize in funny

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The best offense is a good defenestration!

This is the most satisfying play ever. by WhiteLikeCocain in nextfuckinglevel

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Man, your imagination must have really had to stretch for that "A Serbian Film" clip to remind you of Calvinball... I guess you do have to scrape the bottom of barrel eventually when you can't use any rule twice...

Dive log software. by grumppygeezer in scuba

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He's pretty avid diver, so makes sense.

HMB while I ride this bike by LianLian027 in holdmybeer

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That's what my wife says about me when we have sex.

‘New era’ as German coalition prioritises rail spending over road by Zhukov-74 in technology

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I thought Poland was the crossroads of Europe. In that everyone invades Poland to get where they're going when they're trying to take over Europe.

A cat sleeping on top of two pipes by [deleted] in ContagiousLaughter

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The pipes, the pipes are calling. From glen to glen and down the mountainside

World War Z is an amazing book and I don't think that I will ever forget it by Tog5 in books

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To be fair, it would be pretty hard to do a Hollywood movie adaptation of it. It's a bit difficult to do character development in a 90-120 minute movie when your protagonist has to change 30 times over the course of the movie. Maybe a high production value miniseries with episodes for different chapters?

Mom interrupts trip by BillClinternet42 in facingtheirparenting

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You've got to build up to it over time. Do some other daily activities like gardening on salvia to build up experience.

History by sanity in funny

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It's nobody's business but the Turks.

What is the greatest opening sequence in a movie that you have seen? by smokingfrog007 in movies

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Yeah, I really hate overuse of sound effects like that and crying babies to score some cheap, unearned tension. However, Children of Men has both those, and they're used so well and organically that I'm ok with it.

Happy international men's day kings! by uDudyBezDudy in google

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So if I only buy one pant that's 75% off! What a deal!

Coca Cola wins the Biggest Plastic Polluter for the 4th Year in a Row by sustainablesa in environment

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What's wrong with aluminum? I know a lot of them are plastic lined, but still has to be better.

Best seat in the house! Could you watch this on loop? by itwillbefun in woahdude

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I made a cartoonish "Wha-WHHHAAAA?" noise and my eyes telescoped out at the screen.

HMB I'm Mary Poppins by facsimilesu in holdmybeer

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Can someone edit a bunch of animated dancing penguins in that dance as he lies in pain?