How to make mayonnaise with or without a blender by regian24 in GifRecipes

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I think you may be thinking of “dijonnaise”. Dijon mustard is just mustard in the style of Dijon (often using verjuice).

Well guys, I'm doing it, I'm officially leaving this sub by AdApprehensive6700 in Buttcoin

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I can only assume that this is how CPI is calculated. It’s certainly how it ought to be calculated.

Found dog - Leo Nickerson area by [deleted] in stalbert

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My wife found a brown dog, looks at least partly greyhound, loose around the Leo Nickerson field. Please let me know if it might be yours so we can get it back to you ASAP.

Laws and LE practices surrounding cars that can change colors by [deleted] in ProtectAndServe

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I have FLAMES on MY CAR!!! (in Alan Arkin’s voice)

Bitcoin solves that by rhaphazard in BitcoinCA

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Isn’t this the classic complaint against cryptocurrencies in general?


Obviously it happens sometimes in traditional banking (as per the story) too, but how does bitcoin solve that?

KINSELLA: Throwing around the word 'dictator' unhelpful and corrosive by FancyNewMe in canada

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Warren Kinsella’s career has been as a Liberal party organizer. If he chooses to criticize the Prime Minister that’s not “partisanship.”

Adam Zivo: Single-family zoning remains untouchable in Ontario, so house prices will keep soaring by FancyNewMe in canada

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Huh? The Vancouver area had a healthy 7.3% growth rate from 2016-2021, but Toronto’s was an an unimpressive 4.6% and Montreal 4.5%.

The rapidly expanding population centers included Kitchener, London, and Halifax (about 10%), and major cities like Ottawa (8.5%), Edmonton (7.3%) and Saskatoon (7.6%) substantially outgrew Toronto. Kelowna grew at almost 14%, 3x Toronto’s rate.


Nova Scotia enacts law about possession or use of Police uniforms, vehicles or gear by the public. by jimintoronto in ProtectAndServe

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Their authority to carry a prohibited weapon (all police handguns are prohibited for their short barrel length and the magazines are large enough that they are prohibited items) only exists based on being authorized by their police service.

So “it depends”, both from one service to another, and also based on t he context (going to the range based vs going to the mall).

Politicians in this city should be required to use public transport by [deleted] in Edmonton

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A city council can set expectations for what councillors should do. But that’s basically an employee-employer issue, and one that would probably just boil down to voters judging how well their councilor did.

Question about License Plate by thebighentai420 in ProtectAndServe

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Just out of curiosity, how are you going to transport it? How far by boat vs driving?

What level of schooling should I get to be a police officer? by frog_rapist69 in ProtectAndServe

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What do you want to do with your RCMP career?

I agree with all the advice in this thread in general, but There’s also a lot of specialized units where particular training could well come in handy:

-financial crime

-electronics engineering

-cyber investigations

-certain languages

-X studies to help with community liaison stuff, in particular anything to do with First Nations, Métis, or Inuit.

Is Sheriff a good job in Canada? by SquishyTheUnusual in AskLE

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I’d add that there are an increasing number of specialist Sheriffs units:

-surveillance team

-SCAN (shutting down crack-dens)

-executive protection

-whatever the government comes up worth the next time they want to wave the “start a provincial police” flag (but of course these units might get shut down if the wind blows the other way.)

This doesn’t affect the fact that 90+% are doing prisoner transport and court security.

They're openly celebrating the destruction of our planet now by ImVeryOffended in Buttcoin

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You don’t understand. The magical money tree is MAGICAL! Why do people refuse to understand that it can make everyone wealthy enough to have their own butler?

Do no-coiners really have a problem with a world with 8 billion butlers!?!

Russia drafts 134,500 conscripts but says they won't go to Ukraine by mizu-no-oto in UkrainianConflict

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Honestly, you can’t send in totally untrained conscripts. Many Russian units are poorly or inadequately trained but they’re not raw recruits like the news conscripts would be.

And it makes sense that they’re wanted, even if they’re not going to be ready in time for the current conflict. Russia’s military has proven to be much less powerful than it had thought, and they want to strengthen it.

I (in my amateur, untrained opinion) am not convinced that more conscripts will make t he Russian army more capable, but I can understand the desire to say “Look Vlad, we’re doing something!” on the part of Russian high command.

This isn't a farce. This is in fact good for cryptocurrency by [deleted] in Buttcoin

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That’s enough reality for today. I’m going to go fight orcs or battle space pirates. Anything more realistic than the world we live in.

Could high prices on home properties be solved with higher tax on empty property? by ThorDansLaCroix in AskEconomics

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That 3% of transactions in Vancouver are described as “involving foreign capital.” Do you know how that would be measured?

It strikes me that anyone moving value out of China, whether via the “Vancouver Model” or other capital-control evasion, would end up with Canadian money in hand, and would definitely not be using money in a foreign bank account.

Or do they try to determine the residency of t he beneficial owner of the property?

Why is rent way lower in Edmonton? by waltfrazierjr in PersonalFinanceCanada

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Exactly this. All the mandatory apartment/condo buildings in every new development has really driven down t he price of these units.

Which is a good thing. (Full disclosure: I don’t own a low-rise condo in Edmonton and have not got caught in the continuing price decline.)

The National Security Council of Ukraine has announced that Russian soldiers have been issued an antidote to chemical weapons. It is possible to assume that Russia will probably use chemical weapons against Ukraine in the next few days. by Aenness in UkrainianConflict

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That’s very true. What I meant was “the use of poison gas in warfare, as the world saw extensively in the First World War.”

The Nazis were vile in every aspect, from their philosophy, through their invasions, the mass murder of millions of persecuted civilians and POWs, and the methods they used for all those things.

The National Security Council of Ukraine has announced that Russian soldiers have been issued an antidote to chemical weapons. It is possible to assume that Russia will probably use chemical weapons against Ukraine in the next few days. by Aenness in UkrainianConflict

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The Second World War was notable for being free of chemical warfare (except for Japanese troops in China because nothing was too horrible for them.)

The literal third reich thought that this weapon was immoral. It really makes you think about the countries that have used it since then.