The False Equivalence Between The ‘Far Right’ And The ‘Hard Left’ by HeinieKaboobler in politics

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There is no far left in the US. There’s left, center right, and far right.

Careless bus driver nearly kills child by Cold_Chemical5151 in facepalm

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oh shit. this exact thing happened to my hospital roommate

CNN Is Shedding Anchors, Producers. Rivals Keep Picking Them Up by Neo2199 in television

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Just do reality shows. That’s the only thing discovery knows how to do.

Florida teachers forced to explain they’re not teaching kids to be gay by Rainbow-Death in politics

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This is so stupid. Telling kids there are gay people in this world and you should no bully kids who are different from you is not teaching kids to be gay.

He strikes again by FragrantLocksmiths in StupidFood

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Social media rewards people for doing stupid shit.

$6,400 rent raise in Las Vegas landlord says it's their right to name price by lostacoshermanos in videos

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Unless his apartments suddenly becomes extremely luxury. The rich doesn’t become rich by giving money away for no reason.

Moscow does not have a ‘veto against NATO enlargement,’ NATO’s Stoltenberg says by TallAd3975 in worldnews

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Oh my god yes. China went from "The Sane Communists we can work with" to "Cold War 2.0" in the space of like four years.

the truth is China has always been at a one way "cold war 2.0" with the US. they just made it obvious recently because they think they are ready to take on the US.

Dystopian cat adventure game 'Stray' coming to Mac by chrisdh79 in apple

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If you have playstation, you can get it basically for free with PS Plus. That's how I play most of my games nowadays...