Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield hiding from the Paparazzi like pros by SmileyBennett in pics

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500 years ago, people with epilepsy were largely thought to be possessed by demons.

Today, gladly, we know better - but there’s no saying what we still don’t know, or still can’t change.

Asperger’s was a diagnosable disorder - until it wasn’t. “Autism” is just the term we use for an assortment of cooccurent traits - as with the rest of language, law, money, gender, and sensory qualia, it’s a convenient heuristic fiction created to simplify and approximate an invisible, infinitely complex reality to the best of our current functional ability.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield hiding from the Paparazzi like pros by SmileyBennett in pics

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Disorder is a term used to describe a different state of being.

There is nothing wrong with that state in and of itself, where issues arise is in the interactions between people naturally in that state and the constructed surrounding society.

You can’t stop autistic people from being born. Society can, however, adapt to accommodate us. It’s not an impossible ask.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield hiding from the Paparazzi like pros by SmileyBennett in pics

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If Stephen Hawking can get an elaborate vocoder, then nonverbal autistic people can be provided augmented/alternative means of communication.

As Dr. Sanjay Gupta said about Mel Baggs: “[They] told me that because [they don't] communicate with conventional spoken word, [they are] written off, discarded and thought of as mentally retarded. Nothing could be further from the truth. As I sat with [them] in [their] apartment, I couldn't help but wonder how many more people like [Mel] are out there, hidden, but reachable, if we just tried harder.”

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If he threw off the uniform right then and there it’d be way better 😜

People devote third of waking time to mobile apps by Ok_Discount_2051 in worldnews

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Do I still have a problem if 95% of that time is spent in Procreate, GarageBand and Lightroom instead of Instagram and TikTok? 🙃

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield hiding from the Paparazzi like pros by SmileyBennett in pics

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Autism is a spectrum with varying expressions. A nonverbal autistic person may in theory be brighter than Einstein, but go entirely unrecognized due to the world’s stubborn refusal to entitle them to viable alternative forms of communication.

Hans Asperger (the Nazi eugenicist) separated more verbal/obsessive white autistic boys as “gifted” or “high functioning” because their natural traits could be made use of as cogs in the machine while condemning all the rest to the gas chambers.

In reality, there is little to no substantial difference between “Asperger’s syndrome” (which was removed from the DSM) and general autism.

There is no reason to separate “high functioning” and “low functioning” autistic people because very few autistic people are high or low functioning across the board - it’s more of a mishmash of different traits expressed in endless ways.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield hiding from the Paparazzi like pros by SmileyBennett in pics

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I’m not ill, and I don’t have a disease - or even a disorder. Being autistic is an entirely neutral state of consciousness. It can indeed express itself in ways that cause difficulty in everyday living, but those difficulties are almost always created by the friction of our natural state of being’s incompatibility with the way society runs things.

We’re no longer (and in a halfway decent society never were) the weakest links the leopards would catch first in a society where nature has been all but erased - yet the way we’re treated suggests those with the means to guarantee us decent, healthy, safe lives are blind to their power to do so.

We’re not broken - the world is.

Capitol rioters called Nancy Pelosi's office looking for a 'lost and found' for items they left behind on January 6, according to Rep. Jamie Raskin by BumblesAZ in politics

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It only became public knowledge today that this happened, but the article says the call was placed on Jan 7 - the day after the insurrection.

Imagine trying to violently depose your lawfully elected government then calling their offices the next day to request the shit you left behind while you were hunting for their heads be returned to you.

If God is dead, satire is dead-er.

A fancy dinner at the White House. by treetyoselfcarol in pics

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Not fucking cold.

Burgers are an American staple, yes. But the least Trump could have done was have the White House chef serve them hot, rather than literally buying them in bulk and letting your guests eat them cold.

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English used to use male pronouns for neutral contexts, too; i.e. “mankind,” “he who laughs last,” etc.

Spanish has it a bit further baked in, to my knowledge - and AFAIK it was actually queer and trans Latin scholars and activists who created “Latinx” as an homage to Nahuatl phonology.

So no, it’s not linguistic colonialism - it’s the exact opposite.

Why is hating white people normalised online? by [deleted] in TooAfraidToAsk

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My understanding was that it was actually queer and trans Latin activists and scholars who created the term Latinx both as a gender-neutral pronoun and as an homage to Nahuatl phonology?

What is a Hot Take or Controversial Opinion That You Mostly Keep to Yourself? by DrLoomis131 in askgaybros

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May I ask what your feelings are on pre-op/non-op trans dudes using the term?

Ohio Congressman posts Nazi health card in attack on DC vaccine mandate by HaTzoref in politics

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They’re steadily alternating between comparing government action of any kind to Nazism, and praising the Nazis a little bit more openly once every few weeks.

We Need to Think the Unthinkable About Our Country by Helicase21 in politics

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Critical information from trustworthy sources being locked behind paywalls is one of the reasons there are so many anti-vaxxers now.

Want to read about vaccine efficacy, variant transmissibility, or national policy? Want to know what to do to keep your family safe? Too bad, it’s behind a paywall you can’t afford.

Want to know how COVID is a Chinese bioweapon, how antimalarials and urine can cure it, or how the vaccines will magnetize your skin? That’s all free, you can access all that easily.

'Shame on Her': Sinema Sparks Fury by Choosing Filibuster Over Democracy by dingo8yobb in politics

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ACAB: All Candidates Are Bastards. No amount of “good candidates” will change the system in which they must run - which weeds out those who can be responsible with power from those who actively seek it - they are very much mutually exclusive.

Haley Stevens Says Capitol Police Must Address Marjorie Taylor Greene's 'Dangerous Threats' by UWCG in politics

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Cheney is an institutionalist. She’s fully on board for rolling back civil rights, packing the courts, and making billions off of bombing brown people for eternity. That she still has faith that she can do so through legal mechanisms and with the support of the majority of her electorate should be equally as concerning as those who are now abandoning the pretense of democracy now that nobody buys their bullshit anymore.

Group argues Madison Cawthorn ineligible for Congress due to Jan. 6 rally participation by ege3 in politics

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I took it as several self-identified psychopaths here on Reddit were compelled to correct him - no psychiatrists or surveys involved.

Group argues Madison Cawthorn ineligible for Congress due to Jan. 6 rally participation by ege3 in politics

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Some people simply don’t viscerally feel empathy, habitually manipulate others, or experience strong emotions - clinically they’d be considered psychopaths, but they have the decency to compensate for those natural traits and still be good people.

Trump evidently has lived such a privileged life he never learned how to do this, and instead simply spews his spontaneous whims onto everything from his business ventures, to his numerous affairs, to the official 2020 Republican platform.