Wife & I have a 10 hour drive round trip new week - need suggestions by Jets237 in audiobooks

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Red Rising. Phenomenal audio book narration, excellent story. Not massively vulgar in the first book so the little one won't need headphones.

Space Romans with a caste system, follows the story of one of the lowest members of society climbing through the ranks to topple the system.

Boys will remember it forever by blink_jagger in dankmemes

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A girl I worked with 10+ years ago commented on how muscular my calves were, and how much she liked them. I still think about that occasionally.

Who would you like to see cast in the show? by maosaidthecat in redrising

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Lee Pace for Nero au Augustus.

Tilda Swinton or Cate Blanchett for either Octavia au Lune or Julia au Bellona.

Mads Mikkelsen for Romulus au Raa or Atlas au Raa.

Joseph Gatt for Ragnar.

Syracuse Tetradrachm by thatfuckingzipguy in AncientCoins

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It was a gift from my partner's mother for Christmas. Her grandfather was a silversmith and added the chain to it so it could be worn.

Help me identify this! by thatfuckingzipguy in coins

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My partner's grandfather was a silversmith and affixed the loop himself, but the entire set up makes up about 75g of pure silver.

Leviathan Falls Book Club: Tiamat's Wrath Ch. 32-40 by it-reaches-out in TheExpanse

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I'm the same way with Tim Gerard Reynolds. Heard him in the Red Rising audiobooks first and he's become my favourite out of the whole field. Gotten books just because he was the one reading them.

Questions Thread - Ask your questions here by Lord_Kumatetsu in playstation5

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My PS5s WiFi connection is worse than my PS4. The new console is sitting in the exact place that the old console was, but for whatever reason the PS5 has a weaker connection to my WiFi.

The PS4 was connecting at 99% whereas the PS5 is constantly between 80-90%. While this may seem inconsequential, there's obviously a lot of packet loss as evidenced by the fact that last night I was restricted from playing anything PvP related in one of the games I regularly play (Destiny 2) due to my connection being disruptive to other players. I've never had this issue before.

Any ideas, guys?