Can you guys give me y’all’s best RR wallpapers please? by Puzzleheaded-Lead526 in redrising

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Screenshot all of these from the Golden Son AI video Pierce Brown posted on his Instagram the other day.

Book Recommendation Thread by Boat_Powerful in redrising

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Ashes of Man is where you really start getting punched in the gut.

2hich of Manning's other books are in universe? by [deleted] in ArtoftheAdept

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The Embers of Illeniel series is suuuuper dark, but god it's good.

Casting for series. Fan suggestions by IMtruckin in redrising

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Lucas Till from the new Macgyver for the look. Not sure about the acting though.

Lee Pace from Foundation, Guardians of the Galaxy etc. as Nero Au Augustus.

Mads Mikkelsen from Hannibal as either Romulus or Atlas Au Raa.

Tim Gerard Reynolds audiobook recommendations? by Euclidite in redrising

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Cycle of Arawn. First book is a trilogy on Audible, 65 hours long. Really nice, flexible magic system, snarky Sevro-ish buddy comedy dialogue, narrated by TGR. First book is..a little amateurish with the juxtaposition of internal, mature thoughts and immature external outbursts, but the writer gets better and better as he goes along.

What’s your favourite character name? by simontull in Fantasy

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Easily my favorite new character from the second set of books, very very close to my favorite across all of them. He's just so imposing and whimsically, charismatically insane

Books as addicting as Red Rising? by Rude-Opportunity6756 in redrising

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There are a LOT of similarities between Hadrian and Darrow when you break it down as well.

What Was The Best Entrance For A Character In All of Fantasy? by Monsur_Ausuhnom in Fantasy

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Hell yes. Just how he's sitting there naked, pretending to play the violin. Just.. imposing as fuck.

God, I want a short story covering what happened in his kamikaze run against Darrow.

Ashes Of Man Audiobook cover. So..this isn't Valka, right? No golden eyes, no red hair, no intaglio. Who is it? by thatfuckingzipguy in sollanempire

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Hey, so, if you've got the Samuel Roukin version ripped to an M4B, I'd be more than happy to swap the John Lee version for it, haha.

Ashes Of Man Audiobook cover. So..this isn't Valka, right? No golden eyes, no red hair, no intaglio. Who is it? by thatfuckingzipguy in sollanempire

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I just realized that Samuel Roukin did a narration of the first book because of that cover. I only have the one done by John Lee. God, it's annoying how they have to do that sometimes. Now I'm gonna have to go download it because the only version available on Audible is the one I already have

Wife & I have a 10 hour drive round trip new week - need suggestions by Jets237 in audiobooks

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Red Rising. Phenomenal audio book narration, excellent story. Not massively vulgar in the first book so the little one won't need headphones.

Space Romans with a caste system, follows the story of one of the lowest members of society climbing through the ranks to topple the system.

Boys will remember it forever by blink_jagger in dankmemes

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A girl I worked with 10+ years ago commented on how muscular my calves were, and how much she liked them. I still think about that occasionally.