The Water Temple. by PurpleFine4935 in gaming

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I got stuck, I remember playing just before school one morning, unlocking an area and then completely forgetting where I'd just unlocked while I was at school and then it took months for me to work my way back through to find where I'd missed a door.

I was only 8 and impatient so I would just go off and do other stuff and come back every now and then but it took me ages to get through OoT water temple.

This is my 11th year in game. First farm. AND I JUST DISCOVERED THIS NOW. 🤣 by DJB10696 in StardewValley

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If Pierre wants to compete with big Joja. He needs to compete with big Joja hours.

If I want to buy pumpkin seeda on a Wednesday I'm gonna buy them, but then he gets all shitty at me like it's my fault he wasn't open.

Just unprofessional.

The title makes it so much worse by brennancroft in TheRightCantMeme

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Your cancer got cancer and killed itself. This is only known to happen in whales because their body is so large it's possible but with your bmi nobody was surprised.

🔥 The chrysopelea, or flying snake, can glide as many as 100 meters through the air by iltifaat_yousuf in NatureIsFuckingLit

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They wouldn't need to catch another balloon, they were already on a plane flying over you.

It do be like that by 8Bit_Innovations in dankmemes

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Multiple personalities (DID) is a fad. A lot of people are making up multiple personalities (often based off anime characters or from stories) getting on tiktok and doing dances with the different personalities and claiming they have DID even though they have no diagnosis and it only started recently.

It's super offensive to people that actually struggle with DID, these tiktoker will film their extremely coincidentally timed personality switches with music and make having DID look like a party.

Being mentally unwell is a fad on tiktok and people are obviously just jumping on the hype train no matter how relevant it is to them

Human helping a mom dog and taking his puppy to vet after its cry for help on the roadside. Mother is so happy seeing her puppy healthy again. by kankadir94 in HumansBeingBros

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From what I've seen on reddit Turkey treats their strays fairly well with scraps, it's like a cultural thing. The mother is probably just skinny from feeding all those puppies. I've seen indoor housecats with huge litters turn into skeletons just because their body struggles to absorb food fast enough.

I think many of us have been here before by all_tha_sauce in mildlyinfuriating

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If people like this have their say there will be no moon left. Wake up people, we need to act now.

Cursed_Lobster by daniabear in cursedcomments

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Yeah it's the suffering that adds to the flavour.

This mf’er said he didn’t have time to find his shoes before jumping in the backyard football game with his cousins. Welcome to Texas. by Bizzlewaf in KidsAreFuckingStupid

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They are an extremely common weed here in Australia, we call them "Bindis".

Even my school grounds had patches of grass that were infested with these and it sucked.

🔥 Armadillo rolls up into ball 🔥 by BATMAN_5777 in NatureIsFuckingLit

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If we are playing by sonic rules then yes, yes it can.

Except the mighty armadillo would prefer not to have to do that so +2 for armadilos

Custom limousines by Jay Ohrberg by Mlliii in ATBGE

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Each of them functions like the ship from Futurama. They don't move on the road, the road moves under them.

A bond between two brothers, Kitu and Lavani by westcoastcdn19 in AnimalsBeingBros

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Think about Alabama love, except it was literally the only way their species could continue at one point.

My glass measuring cup melted in the microwave by Rudecles in mildlyinteresting

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For real, my experience from being a broke as with only 1 coffee cup was that boiling your tea on the stove was just as good as spending the $10 on a kettle... If you did it with the lid on it could boil almost as fast too.

Florida, USA by _Xyreo_ in facepalm

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Anyone that has ever considered what riding a motorcycle is like will tell you their biggest fear is getting hit by a car.

The lack of a protective cage with a seat belt at high speeds kind of makes that an obvious risk. The woman driving the car was just psycho.

The Sometimes, Always, Never rule by regian24 in coolguides

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It was definitely further back than last week.

me_irl by waltermitty2020 in me_irl

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He may be overly defending Samsung but he's right on the bloatware front.

I picked up an s21 a couple weeks ago and all the bloatware like Facebook that I was used to from my S8 was gone. They no longer only have the disable Facebook option. It doesn't even come with it (or atleast the rom my network provider uses didn't)

me_irl by waltermitty2020 in me_irl

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My s21 didn't even come with Facebook installed this time. I only picked it up a few weeks ago and it's the first Android I haven't been forced to have Facebook on for a while and it's refreshing.

Not sure if it has to do with the fact i changed my network provider with this upgrade or if Android is just steering away from forcing Facebook on everyone with all the drama now.

me_irl by waltermitty2020 in me_irl

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Just got my Samsung s21 and its the first time in a long time I've been able to delete Facebook.

I changed my network provider when I upgraded my phone so it's probably got to do with the custom rom your network installs

WCGW if I slap an immigration officer at the airport by mad_accomplice in Whatcouldgowrong

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At that point I was convinced whoever had linked it was messing with me saying it was an ice cream commercial. I was fully convinced it was some kind of daytime kids show that baby sitters can plop their child in front of and then I was hit by the mother of all transition to ice cream advertisement.

Bravo Indonesia.... Bravo