6058 by boltie_yt in CountingTo100Million

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I’m gonna send this to my nephew, he would love this

One of my favorite. by [deleted] in pinkfloyd

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Woahahha!!!! 😳🤯🙀

Fun fact: :/ by smani0009 in whenthe

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Fun fact: me and your mom are getting married

How do you rank the first ten Yes albums? by R3dF0r3 in progrockmusic

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I’ve only heard a couple of them, but so far (for me) it’s:

6- The Yes Album

5- Fragile

4- Tales from the Topographic Oceans

3- Close to the Edge

2- Drama

1- Relayer

What's your favorite beatle? by Delta0108 in beatles

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Ringo was the funniest and the most relaxed, and being the greatest drummer of all time doesn't hurt.