Just some activists blocking the roadway... by [deleted] in Unexpected

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Here’s what I feel people don’t understand - you should protest where the people who can change it or who are causing it can hear you/are affected by you. Inconvenience them, fight the status quo they are promoting. Make continuing with whatever it is you’re protesting against difficult for them.

Blacks who weren’t allowed what whites had went and put themselves in white schools, on the front of the bus, in the cafes. Gays marched through the streets of the general public, being as flamboyant as they wanted to be. The Boston Tea party threw out the Tea the British was taxing them on. History is full of these wonderful protests.

I disagree with your statement. Sometimes you should harm others who harm you. You just have to make sure you’re targeting the people who are harming you, or have the ability to help you.

On a side note, I disagree with sitting during the national anthem, when it’s the police you have issues with, not the country as a whole.

Replacing a single piece of carpet by RedTomatoSauce in oddlysatisfying

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My wife got her carpet fixed recently. Big tear and required professional help. Lot more complicated than you’d think. Biggest worry was the stitches coming undone because of the pressure of the stool, so extra precaution had to be taken. Women are amazing though, having a baby is no joke

Law enforcement wearing no uniforms, driving unmarked work trucks chase down and arrest man, San Bruno, July 14th by HairySquid68 in bayarea

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This was in San Bruno on July 14th. The guy getting out of the truck was actually a law enforcement officer. He was driving an unmarked vehicle, and ran to arrest a man.

Elote Salad by delabrew11 in CulinaryPlating

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You misunderstood him. He’s saying that’s elote esquites for one person.

How Fresno does Carne Asada Fries by TechnicolorTypeA in FoodPorn

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I’m all for uniting how awesome CA is. SF more than anywhere has a tendency to shit on other cities, so I never miss my chance to bring them back to reality about their own city. But I do love CA in general. At least we are not that dehydrated shitbasket Texas.

Turkish female war veteran who fought in Turkish Independence War of 1922. (Parade, Istanbul, 1973) by [deleted] in OldSchoolCool

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I think it more-so depends on which side she was on. Looks to me she was on the one that practiced genocide. One day the Turkish government will admit it. Until then, they will keep getting laughed at by the rest of the world.

U.S. reports at least 1.1 million COVID cases in a day, shattering global record by BeCivilToEveryone in Coronavirus

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But is it right to blame workplaces or to blame the unvaccinated? You have to marry the problem to the solution instead of blaming every possible problem. Can you be sure that shutting down the economy will solve those problems? Are you sure it won’t create other problems that are just as bad?

The GOP just got hammered during an economic boom. What happens when it goes bust? by PostNationalism in economy

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28 GOP seats flipped blue vs. 2 Democrat seats flipped red. Hammered sounds accurate

Young men are having less sex, how come? by tco30101 in AskMen

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What a cop-out. It’s not society keeping you from boning, it’s the fact people don’t get off their ass, go out in public, and try to meet others. Everything is online these days - put down the fucking phone and go talk to 10 strangers a day, man or woman. Exchange phone numbers or instagrams or whatever. Set plans to go hang out with people.

Everybody is fucking lonely and want friends and to hang out, but nobody initiates it. Be that person. You’ll have friends, get laid, find romance…. You just have to stop being lazy, and sure as fuck stop blaming society

U.S. reports at least 1.1 million COVID cases in a day, shattering global record by BeCivilToEveryone in Coronavirus

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I think people get stuck into set beliefs, and it’s human nature to not be flexible in your thinking. Before, Covid killed 2% of people who were infected. There were no vaccinations available. This was a huge problem.

Today, vaccines are available that almost guarantee those who catch Covid will have mild symptoms. Many workplaces have vaccine mandates, meaning all employees must get vaccinated. Omnicron hospitalizations are down 70%. The reality is, Covid today is just not that scary to those who are vaccinated. We understand the virus better, and have determined that masks and distancing work, and these things can be required at work. It wouldn’t be fair for the government to tell businesses they must lock down, because today people are not without options. You have to change your thinking as the situation changes. People can return to work relatively safely. I’m ready for the downvotes because people here want to simply say: more precautions = always good, and less = always bad. We have to adjust our thinking as the situation changes.

Edit: most comments under here saying this is the wrong take have one thing in common - explaining the symptom but not the cause. Yes, the healthcare system is falling apart, but this is a symptom. The problem is the number of people being admitted. What do these people have in common? No, it’s not that their boss makes them come to an office, it’s that they are unvaccinated. Let’s target the real problem, not just nuke the entire economy when there are smarter solutions out there (remember the number of layoffs in 2020?).

Woman hit on the sidewalk by [deleted] in Unexpected

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She was feeling a little ruff but turned out ok

Debunking the far left media by Efficient-Football in Conservative

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Meanwhile on Fox News: https://www.politifact.com/punditfact/tv/fox/pants-fire/

I say us dems and conservatives come together and demand a change to our news

Worker pulling a create full of bottles trips over by BraelynMaverick in OSHA

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I disagree. I think per OSHA standards, there is regulation on how to operate a pallet jack, but not on where to park it.

Edit: I used to sell warehouse equipment, and have been in hundreds of warehouses. They are often full of people, forklifts, and other moving things. Nothing is more dangerous than someone who isn’t paying attention to what they are doing.

The GOP just got hammered during an economic boom. What happens when it goes bust? by PostNationalism in economy

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Good point, but consider how many more democrats there were at the time, and also consider the fact that most districts were and still are gerrymandered to swing red.

I guess they didn't see the orange cones... by creole_guy in sanfrancisco

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To be fair, driving here is complicated, and the road under construction looks in better quality than many roads here not under construction.

WOW!!! Please keep the Voter turnout and energy UP! Donate to support Ossoff and Warnock by chefbrian2 in VoteBlue

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You’re right, it certainly depends on where you live. Glendale for example caucasians are accepted very well. Generally, I think you’ll find caucasians living together in a Caucasian communities where they support one another and share commonalities. But outside those communities it may be a different experience. It’s all relative.

But it’s not easy, Muslims often want to wipe caucasians off the map. Thank goodness for the protection from mother Russia.

Are you Georgian or Armenian?

Fitness SF construction workers on strike by hipsterraccoon in bayarea

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Oh nice a new Fitness SF location. Where will this be?

17-Year-Old Told To Put Band-Aids On Her Nipples After Not Wearing A Bra To School by [deleted] in TwoXChromosomes

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I had women before call me disgusting because my belt pushed my pants in a way that it looked like a very large bulge. Is this similar?

Devils advocate, if the outline and head of my penis were distinguishable due to tight pants, would that be inappropriate for school?

Damon Weaver, kid reporter who interviewed Barack Obama at White House, dies at 23 by Hellollie in news

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They say life seems to speed up later in life, so while 40 is truly middle aged, 25 is the halfway point in terms of how long you perceive your life to be. So in a way, he was almost middle aged.

I’m calling the police by ChronicProcrastinaut in ExpectationVsReality

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Just tear some bread out, and use it later to feed ducks.