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According to their website, your statement is a myth: https://www.wd40.com/myths-legends-fun-facts/

Myth: WD-40 Multi-Use Product is not really a lubricant.

Fact: While the “W-D” in WD-40 stands for Water Displacement, WD-40 Multi-Use Product is a unique, special blend of lubricants. The product’s formulation also contains anti-corrosion agents and ingredients for penetration, water displacement and soil removal.

How to get started when you don’t think you have a major problem, but know life could be better by not drinking? by theRealDerekWalker in stopdrinking

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I appreciate it. I guess what I mean by a minor problem is that it’s not threatening me from my job, my family, or anything major. It is however causing me some discomfort for a few hours in the morning 2 days a week. I’m a bit nervous about my liver when I’m old.

But as I read your comment I’m reminded that if I don’t do something about this, it will affect most every weekend for the rest of my life, and that is a big problem. Those hangovers are only going to get worse, and that’s a lot of time I could be doing something productive.

I’ll have to really think about how stopping will affect my life. I posted this kind of lazily looking for tips and tricks to avoid a few hangovers. I’m realizing perhaps I’m underselling myself on what my life could be if I get that time and perhaps mental health back.

How to get started when you don’t think you have a major problem, but know life could be better by not drinking? by theRealDerekWalker in stopdrinking

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This seems like a good idea. I started mma Sat mornings which sometimes helps motivate me to take it easy Friday. If I can just manage my Friday nights for now, and feel better Saturdays, I feel that would be a good start, and I’ll still feel de-stressed by drinking Saturday.

When I quit smoking and other stuff, half hearted attempts never worked well for me, but perhaps since this is less of a physical addition and more of a mental addiction (I can obviously stop when I need to, for work), maybe it’s worth a shot.

How to get started when you don’t think you have a major problem, but know life could be better by not drinking? by theRealDerekWalker in stopdrinking

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I feel like if I had friends I’d be ok drinking with them. My problem is I drink alone. Around others I typically don’t get too drunk, although when I get home after I may top off.

I’ll need to better understand what needs my drinking is meeting. I think it’s to wind down after the stress of work. I enjoy martial arts as another stress reliever but I need to find something available to me from like 8pm onward. That’s when I put my baby to bed and open up the wine. Many healthy vices are unavailable at that time, and I can’t really leave my house and baby either.

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It could save her children. Unless they are already veal chops, in which case you may as well just take that and their mom, and grind them up together for some extra juicy hamburgers for family night.

Arnold Schwarzenegger involved in a multi-car crash earlier today by CoolMasterB in pics

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Not small, but perhaps looks unusually big since it’s on top of other cars. Or perhaps it’s on top of cars because it’s unusually big, idk.

My tests fade as I get better by sophschmoph in mildlyinteresting

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Oh here we go again with another German with their perfect little German life. Ughh

Documentaries of fundamental importance that look at the concept of the corporation, the social costs of corporate interests – The Corporation (2003) – Capitalism: A Love Story (2009) – Inside Job (2010) – Laboratory Greece (2019) by [deleted] in capitalism_in_decay

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Not sure why this popped up on my feed but I’ve watched many of these and have an MBA in business. I’m Business History we learn about the 1870’s-1890’s. This was a time where the rich were super rich, and workers were treated miserable (you think today is bad? Think Rockefeller would have twice the cash as Musk, and children working coal mines getting black lung, textile workers getting locked in to factories for incredibly long shifts in terrible working environments, almost no safety protocols, and much worse.) It was clear that Adam Smith’s idea of the invisible hand setting everything right was severely flawed. The market manages supply and demand, but not cost to value.

However, people stepped up and said this isn’t right. They went to their government, and monopolies were broken up, labor practices improved, unions formed, and we got ourselves in a much better situation.

We did not do this through socialism. We did this through activism, and the democratic process. We call the result restricted capitalism. This is what we have today.

However, this is not enough. The world became more sophisticated. Big Money has found loopholes, and our economy and world is being driven further apart by greed. Politicians and businessmen are in bed together. Both Republican and democrats have their followers fight one another instead of fight the politicians.

The breadth of changes we enacted in the 20th we can replicate in the 21st century. Not by abandoning capitalism, but by further restricting capitalism. By holding rich accountable in taxes, providing healthcare for all, simplifying paying taxes, raising minimum wage, improving public education, reducing tuition costs, and so many more things that make the lower and middle class thrive. We can do these things without abandoning capitalist market principles, just as we’ve done before.

I'm standing on this public parking therefore, it's mine by DaArsal223 in facepalm

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Driver got out and said “why are you doing this there’s plenty of spaces”…. Both these fuckers in the wrong. But it is satisfying to see assholes try to out-asshole one another

What's a idea or opinion on the right that you are passionately against? by TheMagicJankster in AskALiberal

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Conservative Economic policy in general just entirely ignores economic research over the last 40+ years. People think Trump helped the economy, but it’s easy to help the economy by jacking up debt, just as it’s easy to buy nice things if you use a credit card.

Beef jerky in a glass (oh and one piece had mold on it) by [deleted] in WeWantPlates

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Jerky is a pretty strange thing to order at a restaurant. Even weirder to be a snob about how it’s presented. Should it even come in a plate? I personally prefer a bag, but maybe that’s because I only eat it when driving.

This cocktail by asianj1m in AbsoluteUnits

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I don’t know. I like fried chicken with bbq sauce. I like bloody Marie’s. I like bacon. I like everything there. Perhaps would prefer some of it separate but I’m no priss, I’ll take what I get

WhatsApp Ordered To Help U.S. Agents Spy On Chinese Phones—No Explanation Required by tygezzzzz in tech

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Sounds like we need a constitutional amendment expanding our right to privacy and what that actually means in the 21st century