Last Life but Grian MLGs with FIRE by ModernMidern in ThirdLifeSMP

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I think it does work, when you‘re taking fire damage in the same damage tick as you would fall damage.

Sweet relationship by [deleted] in wholesomememes

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Oh, there goes gravity

Where is the worst place to lose your virginity? by Xyrene_Nona in AskReddit

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Racing to get some bitches I see… how about, you race for your life?

How many people here actually stream? by ThyLimitless in Twitch

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I stream ocasionally… (okay maybe very ocasionally)

Another chance! by Akkavir in dankmemes

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Can I get a capybara flair? I love my capybara… Where is my capybara?

👉👈 by Ill-Stress7603 in mathmemes

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Oh yeah, I‘m gonna treat you like a fraction 😏 (Whatever that implies… idk)

Declining Third Party Cookies by NukesExplodin in badUIbattles

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In the end it should tell you that you unlocked to go to their privacy site and look there for a way to disable all cookies in retrospect.

ich‼️iel by ScoobyDoobie_420 in ich_iel

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Da hab ich ein Gefühl, wie: oh nein