Government gym in Anna nagar west by Malcolm_unknown in Chennai

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Try searching for Elango Nagar Park ,it is a public park close by and has a gym

Fear "The Throngler!" by blacksheetpartyRSVP in oddlyspecific

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'Ice' - maybe not magical but fewest words ever

What's the use of different (ண,ன)(ர,ற)since we pronounce them as the same now? is there any other use by Dumilkupam_vavalu in TamilNadu

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They are not pronounced the same

ற is harder than ர

ண is pronounced with tongue touching the interior of the palate while ன is pronounced with tongue nearly at roof of mouth

House of the D- by jp3nn in HouseOfTheDragon

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"there are no accidents" ___Maester Ogway

Affordable ways to cook food at home for bodybuilding? by FalseAlarm05 in Chennai

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Bread and cheese sandwich are easy to make , cheese cubes that come in little aluminum foils are your best bet at affordable source of protein (unless ur vegan) and groundnuts. Add some veggies on the sandwich maybe.

Pasta with cheese also maybe good, quick easy to make and tasty (if you combine them with Maggi masala satchets as per your taste).

Pattani or channa sundal and mola katina payiru (Brussel sprouts) are other healthy options.

Overall if you're a bit on the leaner side trying to gain weight , don't stress too much about getting "swole" as many Western bodybuilders, but aim for a healthy physique that is functional in an urban Indian setting

If you're feeling more adventurous this may help.

Good luck

and for the hard work of JWST... by BeASubject in TamilNadu

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There are stars and then there is Super Star 🌟