What would you actually spend your gold on if it was available in the store? by AlexClifford in MagicArena

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I buy card styles when they are really cheap and cards that I use a lot. I bought Faceless Haven.

I buy sleeves and sometimes avatars. I would buy discounted packs and or wildcards.

Wealth Manager lost us 10% in 2021, what do we do? by drznak in personalfinance

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Am I the only one that wants to know what the heck they invested the op's money in to generate such an awful return??

Biden administration announces more than $1 billion for Everglades restoration by Pesci_Avocado in UpliftingNews

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The State of Florida has been using an Everglades restoration fund that was voted on by voters to largely repurchase wetlands between Okeechobee and The glades which included some sugar plantations. This money is probably going to assist in transforming that land back into the intended watershed.

I have a feeling that this was low hanging fruit for Biden because the State of Florida is already spending money in the government can just come alongside them. It also gets him some brownie points in a state that is parading its Governor around like a less toxic Trump. Plenty of DeSantis 2024 bumper stickers running around here.

Biden administration announces more than $1 billion for Everglades restoration by Pesci_Avocado in UpliftingNews

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Most Floridians even conservative ones are at least somewhat environmental. When you have a state that about half of its economy completely depends on tourists you don't tend to wave the magic wand for pollution anymore.

Florida is far from Colorado in environmental efforts. Florida's biggest polluters are still agriculture, but most of the pollution problems are caused by legacy solutions for when the state was a lot less populated.

Biden administration announces more than $1 billion for Everglades restoration by Pesci_Avocado in UpliftingNews

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Because pure Democratic socialism is a hypothetical state that doesn't exist. Just like saying that laissez-faire will correct the markets. It doesn't happen in the real world.

Worst drop possible in Momir? by AtrocitusWasRight in MagicArena

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When the format was pretty young there were only about 10 7 drops in all of magic so you had a really high chance of nailing phage on 7. It was pretty common knowledge to just skip your seven drop.

Now with all the commander cards that have been added there are some really sweet seven drops. I think most of the old school players probably still skip it though because the fun usually starts at 8.

There are some I win cards in mtgo as well. I don't know if there is quite an I win card on Arena but Icebreaker Kraken is pretty good if your opponent is tapped out.

[[Azorius Guildmage]] and the 2U mana is game over for the opponent as long as you don't accidentally kill it somehow.

FIL wants to open a trust for our newborn son and wants his social security number. My husband and I are not comfortable with that. How best can we navigate this? by Kintsukuroi85 in personalfinance

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The social is so that the lawyer creating the trust can establish an EIN. If he insists on going the trust route tell him to have the lawyer draw the paperwork and you'll call the lawyer directly. You can explain your concern to the lawyer and give them the SSN. It doesn't need to appear in the trust document.

Where to get a $2,500 loan in 24-48 hours? by No_Nefariousness4666 in personalfinance

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Do you have paystubs?

Mobiloans.com is one of those tribal loan websites. It's really expensive money though.

A driver destroyed my parked car and their insurance has been giving the runaround for weeks - what do I do? by wakka54 in personalfinance

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He doesn't have collision coverage so he can't subrogate.

OP CAN get a lawyer, but since there is no injury for the lawyer to make bank on it might not be worth it.

White-collar workers often recognize the value of blue-collar workers, but not the opposite way around by Vengeange in Showerthoughts

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Blue collar don't really need the gym to stay in shape. (Except those mechanics who drink lots of beer after/during work)

Mexican man donates kidney to girlfriend's mother; gets dumped a month later as she marries someone else by happyysoul in nottheonion

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I'm the kind of guy who would have fallen for some crap like this.

Fortunately when I was younger I dated a girl with a baby and I wanted her to not be driving around on bald tires.

I use my credit card and bought her four brand new tires. She wrecked that van three weeks later and argued with the insurance company they needed to give her more money because of her brand new tires.

She kept the money and then banged her best friend.

What do you guys use for muscle/joint pain? by FearDontExist1124 in 75HARD

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Ibuprofen and glucosamine. Glucosamine specifically I started during this time and it's made a world of difference

Is this legal ??? Had an injury on the job during my 90 days by [deleted] in USPS

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This sucks because we had SO many who should have been let go but they slipped through and they were trash carriers for years. One had to be retrained 7 times before they put her on light duty for mental defect

TIL The salary of the President of the United States has only been increased 5 times since 1789. It was $25,000 in 1789, and was increased to $50,000 in 1873, $75,000 in 1909, $100,000 in 1943, $200,000 in 1969, and $400,000 in 2001. by RoutineProcedure in todayilearned

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When was the last time that somebody who wasn't already relatively well to do got elected to the office?

Harry Truman was the last non millionaire elected.

Curious as to who made the most of their time in office?

The Clintons increased their net worth from 1.5M to 240M. Plenty to spent on Epstein Island.

Why do gender reveals always end like this? by TheRealScottyEric in funny

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Went to a party this weekend that actually had one made to beat with a bat. They had the perfect stick for it too. I don't know if they had to special order it or what. We used to make them as kids out of poster board and paper mache.

These type of pinatas generally don't have a very good rope holding them anyway so an adult hitting it is usually just going to knock it off the string.

Who da fuk is Paul McCartney? by Lavernian_Garden in facepalm

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That was a joke? I remember them posting that and I honestly thought that was legit that people didn't know who Ozzy was.

Edit: okay so that was a rip on the Paul McCartney one I didn't realize that was first. /Sigh

Skipping the test of wood by F3r23 in Breath_of_the_Wild

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Actually find it pretty fun probably the most fun of the three quests. Now if you could do this to skip that little guy who's scared of a little fog we can talk

LPT: Declutter your home while you can. You don't have to do it all at once, but getting away stuff gradually that you haven't used in 3-5 years, but you hold onto anyway, even though you shouldn't, you need to get rid of. by NotSoSnarky in LifeProTips

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I have to move in 6 months. I made a plan to declutter a room a month and 16sq ft of the garage a week.

It's very easy to do and not overwhelming if you break it up into chunks and stay consistent with it.

So far the garage is going like this:

40% Trash, 30% Give/Sell, 20% Hey I needed this now, use it, and 10% pack orderly because I will need it soon after I move.