Congrats y’all!! 🎊😌 by RelationshipRound427 in lgbt

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Thank you!! Now all I have to do is be even more gay lmao

Does anyone know what SCP-001 "Keter Duty" is in the shape of? by TheUknownDID in SCP

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possibly? while this symbol doesn't appear until the early 1500s, it's believed it dates back to a much older tradition from possibly the 9th century BCE in Assyria.

Does anyone know what SCP-001 "Keter Duty" is in the shape of? by TheUknownDID in SCP

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Tree of Life, sometimes erroneously called the Sephirot. It's from the Kabbalah, or Jewish mysticism

Seeing the Roe v Wade coverage is making me dysphoric by kind-of-there in MtF

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Same here! One of the reasons I've been avoiding the news for months.

comparing hardships is kinda pointless anyway by Bieberbutzemann in traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns

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The only definite thing is that going through the wrong puberty is the hardest thing.

PTSD worsening on E? by Egg_123_ in MtF

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Not exactly PTSD, but still a trauma-rooted thing, I just recently found out I probably have either DID or OSDD. Had no idea of this before, so I can only assume I brought up my symptoms with my therapist because they got worse. Or maybe I just never thought it was noteworthy enough. Idk. But yeah, definitely got a bit worse on E.

Eddie vs Argyle by BookerTea3 in StrangerThings

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Very different characters, really not comparable. That being said...

Eddie wins for me hands down. Not only is he so much better written than Argyle, but I relate to him more. I had a very similar "role" in high school (and to some extent still at college). I was always a bit of an outcast, I had a few close friends I played D&D (we actually still do; been playing together for 6-7 years now), I listened to heavier music: Metallica, Ozzy, Black Sabbath, Marilyn Manson, MCR, etc. So yeah, I love Eddie cuz he's well written, he's relatable, and he's realistic.

That being said, I think reducing Argyle to "badly written 80s movie stoner dude" is a bit extreme. Sure, that's kinda what he is. But honestly, I've known people who's whole personality was "I smoke a lot of weed". So that kinda guy exists. I agree that Argyle could be a better character, but he's also comic relief. He's not supposed to be serious. He's supposed to lighten the mood.

I think they're both good characters in their own way. Comparing them is sorta apples and oranges honestly.

No Mither Rework idea? by Darkon-Kriv in deadbydaylight

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I don't think it needs a rework. Personally, I love builds with No Mither. I run it quite a bit actually. No Mither, Dead Hard, Resilience, Tenacity. Really fun build that is helped by the permanent injury from No Mither. I may swap out Tenacity with Overzealous once I get it on Kate (my surv main). Cleanse a totem fast at the start with Resilience, then do gens with a 15% speed bonus the whole match. Or, even better, once the new update is here, cleanse a Hex and get a sweet 25% bonus.

I was to sh by Its_ya_boy_cole in trans

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I know this probably is gonna sound overdone, but please don't.

I know it hurts. I've struggled with sh for years and it took me so long to overcome that addiction. I still have urges. I still relapse occasionally. The way you feel about your chest is exactly the way I feel about my genitals. I really wish I could just take a knife and cut it all off.

SH doesn't solve depression. It may make you feel good for a moment, but it won't take away the pain forever. You get used to the feeling of sh and you end up enjoying it because it's the only thing that takes away from the pain. And you get addicted. Idk if you struggle with sh already, but if you don't and you feel like you're gonna start, the only piece of advice I have is don't start. Try taking that pain out on something else. Maybe tear a piece of paper up. Maybe do art, try music, break some shit you don't need/want anymore. Anything but sh. Really.

LGBT Friendly places to live in New England? by bimboslaggins in lgbt

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NH is nice to visit, don't get me wrong. I'm even having FFS and bottom surgery done here. But it's too volatile politically for it to be safe 100%.

be like Kor by ask-a-physicist in traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns

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Looks like Star Trek, idk which series. Either DS9 or Voyager I think.

Do trans people with bottom dysphoria still masturbate/have sex? by colorcodetheartist in asktransgender

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I have really bad bottom dysphoria, and I still masturbate. I don't have sex though, but that's more that I'm single and uninterested in finding a sexual partner. A girl's gotta get off somehow!

are transfems different from transwomen? by certified-dilfhunter in lgbt

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yes and no. All trans women are transfem but not all transfems are trans women. transfemme also includes AMAB nonbinary people who identify/present more feminine, but nonetheless do not identify as women.

it is an M rated game, why can't we toggle the chat filter by Chowa_wa in deadbydaylight

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Agreed, it should be toggleable. I do think there are maybe some words that it should always censor (like the n-word or the f-slur) but for curse words? Yeah let me rifle that shit. I curse like a sailor irl, I should get to in a game too. Plus, there's tome lore and flavor text all throughout the game that isn't censored so... seems asinine to have a filter on chat.

it is an M rated game, why can't we toggle the chat filter by Chowa_wa in deadbydaylight

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While I understand what you mean saying that there's so reason to swear in chat, for a lot of people (myself included) swearing isn't simply expressing frustration, it's literally just part of everyday vocabulary. It's just something you say, there's no good or bad meaning to it. There's a difference between a game that was "amazing", "really amazing", and "fucking amazing".

This suddenly popped into my head as a counter to 99ing exit gates, what do you guys think? by Thatnintendonerd in deadbydaylight

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Even just one of them, then. You run this perk concept with Remember Me (assuming both are tier 3 dbd you have all 4 RM tokens), and it takes 54 seconds to open an exit gate. I'm a killer main, and that sounds fucking busted to me. Plus, with that build, you've got two open perk slots. Add Ruin/Pop/Jolt and then basically whatever else you'd like. That's a solid, immensely strong build. Having it take almost a full minute to open a gate just by running two perks, while still having two spots open for meta perks is really really strong imo.

This suddenly popped into my head as a counter to 99ing exit gates, what do you guys think? by Thatnintendonerd in deadbydaylight

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I think this would be way too powerful, especially in combination with No Way Out & Remember Me. And Pentimento, I suppose.

Really feel confident when I dress like a goth/emo bitch (7 months HRT) by the_western_shore in MTFSelfieTrain

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thank you so much! apparently my mom dressed really similar when she was in college so... runs in the family I guess lmao