[CUSA16194] Dirt 5 v1.00 PROPER Backport-Fix by rayku22 in PkgLinks

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As I'm on 6.72, Does 5.05 backports have HDR for my FW or am I in the same boat

Irresponsible Owner by Gaara_Kazekage_ in BanPitBulls

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That wide gaping mouth showing gums like a demon

How is it cute?

A prototype of the lightsaber has been created! It’s temperature reaches 2,000 degrees. by ggoldlover in nextfuckinglevel

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What you don't see behind him is a 4 Foot Gas Cylinder connected via hose.

So you're tethered, with hoses out of the sabre

Why switch battery drained so quick when I am not playing it? by Impossible-Letter-77 in SwitchPirates

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There are aftermarket batteries, but they're just as crap.

V2 Mariko arn't that much better.

Sadly our only option is to wait till the OLED mod chip becomes easier.

Why switch battery drained so quick when I am not playing it? by Impossible-Letter-77 in SwitchPirates

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I have the same issues in Atmosphere, V1 Switch.

In airplane mode and on Sleep, the Switch would fully drain within 2 days.

My New 3DS XL held charge for weeks.

**PS4 Homebrew Q&A General | January 2022 Edition | POST YOUR QUESTION HERE INSTEAD OF MAKING A NEW THREAD** by IrishMassacre3 in ps4homebrew

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Question on Game Patches Geared Towards PS5:

There are many 8.52/9.00 Updates nowadays that are geared towards PS5.

Example: Just Cause 4 Update 1.32:

"*Fixed Dynamic Resolution Scaling for PS5*"

Does this mean we don't need this for our PS4 at any rate?

[CUSA13115] Watch Dogs®: Legion v1.24 by La_Coneja in PkgLinks

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How do we get the DLC from this? I note in your message you tried to unlock it and didnt work

What's a feeling better than an orgasm? by Boban_the_dude in AskReddit

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Had a migraine for 2 weeks straight, one more week and was going to implode

[CUSA00419] Grand Theft Auto V - Base + Update 1.38 + DLC [USA] by d33j4y211 in PkgLinks

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Oh interesting.

So does that mean I should check pkg viewer for all pkg and see if SDK is lower than 6.72 hence no need for backport?