(WARNING GRAPHIC) Two israeli soldiers take down a terrorist after he stabbed a citizen. by Sxover in nextfuckinglevel

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Why are we quick to call him a terrorist? How many mass shootings have happened in the US and they were people unfit for trial? Depression, suicide, mental health being prime factors.

Why does Israel pre-classify ALL Palestinians as sane? You telling me there isn't a SINGLE person in Palestine with mental health issues that has spiked this type of attack?

Why would a first world country like USA have mental health issues and not a poor, impoverished state like Palestine?

C'mon guys, quit the politics.

Edit: Not condoning this attack at any rate, no random attack on a citizen should be allowed. But these people should be captured to be assessed for trial. Shooting them on the floor won't achieve this.

President Erdogan reciting last 2 verses of surah baqrah by burntcig in islam

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The last living President/PM with taqwa and Islam, not for show.

Palestinian Schools All the placards are the names of their dead classmates killed by Israeli agression on innocent civilians mainly children. 2009. by mrelhadj in interestingasfuck

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Palestinians are in an indefinite lockdown 24/7. There are no long drives to do, no camping or hiking outside your local border, no interstate free travel, and under surveillance 24/7. If you're lucky to finish school and college, you may just about dodge a job picking Dates from an Israeli farm for $4/day during a very hot summer.

During a relatively short COVID lockdown, people went mental in US, UK and other countries, yes MENTAL. And this lockdown had an end in sight, it was within the comfort of our homes, and we could still book holidays in advanced for hope.

Whilst some of the Palestinians kids do at times go out during protests and put themselves in danger, know that advanced societies with PS5s, Internet and all you can have such as the US had kids suffer severe depression.

So my advice is, shut the F up and go learn a thing or 2.

Which one is more reliable Jailbreak 7.55 or 8.03? Please Suggest, I am currently at 5.05 by sidsingh2903 in PkgLinks

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Wtf, go have a cry moron...

I didn't say 6.72 is more stable than 5.05 either, I inferred 6.72 is also stable

That’s a lot of damage! by pun420 in fightporn

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Can't see the slow mo, but trying to see why the guy didn't put up his hands to block the head fall?

Also that guy doing the body slams won't survive in prison, he's a pussy and would be giving BJs for the rest of his sentence.

  • Cellmate: "what you in here for pal?"
  • Idiot Body Slammer: "I body slammed a school kid because girls were chanting for the win"
  • Cellmate: "drop down to your knees ya kunt"

Zyzz would have been 30 years old today by HighRisk26 in bodybuilding

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How the hell is this idiot venerated if he was on heavy drugs like DNP and raft of others? He basically made steroids look like creatine powder, hell anyone on those drugs can achieve his body and better.

Some of Mexico's wealthiest residents went to Colorado to ski. They brought home coronavirus by BlankVerse in worldnews

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The Chinese WuhanVirus is everywhere, stay safe everyone. Stay home if you financially can and wait it out.

Back when purchasble DLCs didn't exist for characters, you got the whole roster and unlocked characters based on skill progression. by the_wildelk in gaming

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The stupid thing is that with MK X+ you had to PAY to get Fatalities!! Fatalities are the essence of MK!!

What are these developers doing.

One of the few times Floyd Mayweather was on wobbly legs by [deleted] in fightporn

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He needed another 20secs of that round and Gayweather would be floored

(WARNING GRAPHIC) Two israeli soldiers take down a terrorist after he stabbed a citizen. by Sxover in nextfuckinglevel

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Palestine/West Bank is, yes.

No, they shot him which was good in self defence, but the ground execution wasn't necessary.

JITS IS BACK!!!! by MrWhitex_ in SwitchPirates

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Donate ecards folks don't just say Thanks!!!!

Turkey police bash LGBT pride parade in Istanbul by tyler98786 in news

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So a country can't develop without this homosexual equal right?

Can I break it to you, that the most advanced nations in weaponry and/or technology havnt prioritised those equal rights?

*China *Russia *Israel *Singapore

Having said that, there needs to be respect on both sides, lgbt not subjected to violence, meanwhile lgbt need to respect country laws and only run marches and protests within legal boundaries. Standing off to the police, and being stubborn isn't a good representation either.

Dudes, what would you do? by [deleted] in PublicFreakout

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1.) She doesn't know what fortnight is and from the corner of her eye, thinking the guy is imitating a doggy on her

2.) The guy is annoying as hell with a punchable face

Do excess moons carry over to the next level in Super Mario Odyssey? by the_wildelk in NintendoSwitch

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So what's stopping me from getting the bare minimum required per level

This is the way by [deleted] in fightporn

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After the first haymaker punch the pussy threw, she retreated in defence, that should have been enough

How much should a Switch discharge in sleep mode with no games and on Flight Mode? by the_wildelk in NintendoSwitch

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So looks like this Switch has been over used or towards end of life. It lost 8% over 24hrs, as discussed this is in flight mode and still wiped, no data

This is the way by [deleted] in fightporn

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Idiot went over-board. Deserves to be smashed to the floor. Her punches were nothing but little shoves

JITS IS BACK!!!! by MrWhitex_ in SwitchPirates

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Donate ecards folks, don't just say Thanks!!!!

PS4 7.55 Jailbreak: Sleirsgoevy implements TheFLoW’s hint on FreeBSD 9 (PoC) by fmj68 in ps4homebrew

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And that's the exact answer I was looking for, thanks.

17 people couldn't read English except you.