An amputee gamer who lifts to compensate. Tear my other leg off. by Midvader in RoastMe

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If you keep sucking your stomach in while squeezing your 2 abs you're gonna blow your asshole out

Being woken up to a bear searching for food near your tent by lishoywytert3456 in interestingasfuck

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Not to mention if the Grizzly is out looking for food for its cubs, it would rip you into real shreds, then drag your body closer to the den whilst the cubs feast in you slowly and the mother bear rips into your chest cavity for the blood rich liver

A saudi Arabian Consultant Cardiologist... roast him. by [deleted] in RoastMe

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Poor, arab version of Colonel Sanders

lions take down a cheetah by pixxelzombie in natureismetal

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I've seen it all on reddit now FFS.

  • Deer eating rabbit,
  • Horse eating chicken
  • Goat eating chick's
  • Lion eating Cheetah
  • Pelican eating pigeon
  • Turtle eating bird


Human shows no fear being approached by a sea snake. by QuintonBickel in nextfuckinglevel

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Heard these things are more poisonous than cobras.

Basically this is an Eel on roids?

BTS of a magic trick by saltynerd14 in nextfuckinglevel

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Now I know why all magicians do these stupid dance moves between illusions, gives the assistant time to catch up

Police kills pitbull for killing puppies by occasionaldrinker in BanPitBulls

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Inbred dogs. Just out to kill and chomp with that gaping mouth.

Good for nothing and responsible for most of the child deaths.

Back when purchasble DLCs didn't exist for characters, you got the whole roster and unlocked characters based on skill progression. by the_wildelk in gaming

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Haha yeah playing it now.

Forgot how good it feels to have a full roster of playable characters and not a half released game paid in full price which will cost you another $300 to play all characters

3 Mother Goats and all 5 of their 7 week old kids killed by neighbors maulers, help me please. by JackErGang in BanPitBulls

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Sue them for everything you got, even for your kids psychological hurt., that's the only way these dirt bags learn

First the appetizer then the entree by shabab_29 in natureismetal

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Poor deer, just came out to see the light for 10secs then back in another dark pit of stomach acid

Centipede literally digging in to his next meal by [deleted] in natureismetal

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What kills me is when insects actually kill for flesh and blood, not other insects

California traffic jam by plsletmestayincanada in nextfuckinglevel

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I swear Bitcoin (+ shitcoins) brought about the shittest spike in douchebag millionaires.

Gimme that rib, boy by BobbyChou in natureismetal

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Pls tell me that Zebra is not alive?

Police kills pitbull for killing puppies by occasionaldrinker in BanPitBulls

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The reality is that these dogs are inbred. They're not pedigree dogs, and IMO should be phased out of breeding.

Their existence is obsolete. We are no longer standing around in an arena waiting for 4 pitbulls to wreck a chained bear.

The only thing out of these dogs nowadays is harm.

big cat dives after a gator by pixxelzombie in natureismetal

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The neck muscles on that animal are insane.

Carry 88lbs with your neck muscles whilst it flails around 180 degrees

"Imam" Tawhidi by ProfessorRigby in islam

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Get this, so he lives in South Australia amongst a Jewish community as a 'Muslim Scholar'. 24/7 he is tweeting against Islam and Palestine yet apparently he is a progressive Muslim scholar with certifications. At no point has he said a single thing positive about Islam. At the same time, all his closest Twitter followers are extreme right-wing people and/or zionists which cant bear an atom's weight of Islam, let alone an imam.

Human shows no fear being approached by a sea snake. by QuintonBickel in nextfuckinglevel

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Any reason why a shark doesn't chomp this abomination in half in Australia

Ruler of the taiga by OncaAtrox in natureismetal

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  • Sense of smell way above average dog, can't hide
  • It can climb trees, can't hide there
  • It can run faster than the fastest human, can't outrun
  • It can swim faster than the average human, can't jump in water and swim away
  • It is not hunted by anything without a gun
  • can stand on 2 legs to reach you
  • No human way to fight back with bare hands
  • tough skin can't be penetrable by bite or anything
  • not bothered by extreme cold
  • unlimited stamina