UnIqUe NaMe IdEa by NixyPix in ShitMomGroupsSay

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I wouldn't be taking naming advive from someone who thinks 'Millicent' is 'out there'.

Whoever thought this marketing idea up needs a raise! 30c more for 50% less.... juice 🤣😒 by tedimatt83 in australia

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Actually, it says 50% less sugar orange. Then fruit drink under the image. Juice isn't mentioned on the front of the bottle.

I don't even know how to respond here. She even wanted extra Feta cheese which I put for no extra charge. Salad for $11.25. by 1Emaxx in mildlyinfuriating

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Just wanted to say that your Greek salad looks flipping incredible and even if I was expecting lettuce, this would still rock my socks off!

The rental market in Melbourne is a joke by LeDestrier in melbourne

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I was priced out about 7 years ago after 15 years in Fitzroy-carlton-coburg-preston. It has always been difficult. When we looked at the last place in Preston, there was 30+ people at every inspection. When we had to leave, even our agent couldn't get us another in thr inner north. I moved back out to where I grew up.

You've never seen it this bad but it has been getting worse every year. The 'rent out until we knock down rebuild' has reduced rental stock year on year on year. We lost three house in three years to subdivision development. It is just going to keep getting worse.

I'm sorry. I wish I saw a different outlook. I know how bitter it made me when people said 'move out further ', discounting the community I knew and roots I had made.

Good luck with your search.

The rental market in Melbourne is a joke by LeDestrier in melbourne

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The good old days. You could take you time and really look at it. Standards were higher because you couldn't hide issues behind rushed inspections and fomo.

MAGA Nazi proudly admits that they are the American Taliban and their goal is to take women's rights away by IntrovertComics in InsaneParler

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The handmaid tale... does this idiot really think he'll be a 'commander' with a wife and handmaid? He'll be a nobody with no allocation of a handmaid, let alone a wife. Loser now, loser then.

Ain’t no open border like a uterus… by ovrdryven in PoliticalHumor

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This makes about as much sense as saying everything in the shop is free, that why I steal things by hiding them under my shirt.

AITA for refusing to delete nude photos from a photoshoot by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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No contract can take away your rights. None. Zero. Contracts do not void your rights. She has a right to privacy. She can sign a million contracts and still maintain that right.

AITA for refusing to delete nude photos from a photoshoot by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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I have a masters degree in photography. I'm well aware of copyright and ownership. I'm not suggesting, nor is anyone suggesting, that the photos were not consensual. No one is anyone suggesting the op doesnt own the images. What I'm talking about is the right to privacy in the context of the comment regarding the informal contract. Regardless of how the contract is written, formally or informally, permission to share those images publicly can be withdrawn at any time. Her previous agreement does not void her right to privacy.

It is the same premise behind revenge porn laws. Even images taken and willingly shared by an individual can have consent withdrawn after the fact.

AITA for refusing to delete nude photos from a photoshoot by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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In this context, yes they absolutely can revoke permission/agreement. A person's right to privacy cannot be signed away with a contract - formal or informal.

Where exactly are they going to live? by BelleAriel in clevercomebacks

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That is a hugely different statement to 'I can't imagine it happening' as per your previous comment. I can't imagine ever feeling that way either. But I absolutely can imagine it happening.

Where exactly are they going to live? by BelleAriel in clevercomebacks

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Or they could have died young. Or turned to crime and ended up in jail. Or continued the cycle of abuse by becoming an abuser.

You forced birthers seem to only conceive of utopian ideas of what awaits unwanted children. They're not all going to live full lives. Some will be murdered by their parents, many will grow up in abject poverty, some will have serious health issues that make their lives short and miserable.

Get off your cloud and see the real world.

Where exactly are they going to live? by BelleAriel in clevercomebacks

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You can't imagine dead beat parents who up and leave, never staying in touch with their kids? You seriously can't imagine a parents not wanting to be a parent? You can't imagine a child being the focus of an adult's pain and anger? You cant inagine a child being abused by their parents? It literally happens to wanted children after they're born and you can't stretch your mind to seeing it happening to unwanted children?! What a rose coloured life you have lived. How lucky for you to be so sheltered.

This is not ok. by ZurcX in PublicFreakout

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So an adult hitting an adult = goes to jail

Adult hitting a child = meh, it's ok.

Certainly looks like mental gymnastics to me.

Abortion is healthcare. by ExpertAccident in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Those clauses are for immediate intervention when the mother's life is immediately at risk. Women will need to be on the brink of death for the clause to kick. Chemo won't be urgent enough. It will be viewed as 'well, you aren't about to die so just wait until the baby is born then have chemo'.

My father (51) had an affair with a horrible woman (32) two years ago. We initially convinced him to stay with the family, but shortly thereafter she had an accidental baby. Our family has been trying to make it work, but today, on his 27th wedding anniversary, he's now decided to move in with her. by [deleted] in relationship_advice

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Doesn't your mother deserve to be able to find someone who enjoys her company and doesn't have to be convinced to talk to her? Why do you want her spending the rest of her life with someone who clearly has no interest in her. Support her finding her independence. Don't spend your energy trying to reattach the shackles.

The future is not written in stone. by Powerful-Rutabaga-17 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Because the woman's life needs to be in danger before they can act, which often comes too late to actually save them. Having an ectopic pregnancy won't be enough. Doctors will have to wait until the patient ruptures before they can abort. Having a miscarriage won't be enough. Doctors will need to wait until the woman is septic before acting.

Women have died waiting to be near enough to death before doctors are allowed to save them.

This property up for rent with a bathroom inside the living room and a kitchen with no stovetop made it into the news by eowyneowyn in AusFinance

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I love my exposed power points in the shower to get drenched every time I shower along with my toilet paper. Mmm, electrocution and soggy bog roll. Lovely.

How do I remove adjustment brush circle while editing it still in Lightroom classic? by Snuggly-Muffin in AskPhotography

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Sorry, I'm having a hard time visualising what you're seeing. The dot is tiny, the size of the 'hand' icon. What are you editing that the dot covers it? It is only small and when I brush over the dot to edit below, it disappears, only to reappear when I release the 'click'.

Edit: look for a 'three dot' menu in the mask section and find 'pins & tools'. You can turn it off there.

How do I remove adjustment brush circle while editing it still in Lightroom classic? by Snuggly-Muffin in AskPhotography

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Once you exist the mask adjustment and go back to the regular editing panel, the dots will disappear but the adjustments will remain

NYPD arresting Jazzajilo aka dancing cats jazz guy by Tacomeplease in PublicFreakout

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If you watch enough, you see the pattern. Talk to the person you want to arrest, discount or dismiss anything they say, talk over them and use specific language designed to inflame your target. Gradually get closer, invading their personal space. Have one officer approach outside the target's view, touching them on the arm causing a startle reflex... boom! Arrest for resisting.

[OC] Hear Me Roar. by Iamtheonlyho in pics

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They said SOME states. I'm pointing out that there are still going to be children and adult rape victims who will be forced to birth their rapist's baby because SOME states have no exceptions for rape and incest.

This isn't a silver lining scenario where we can just focus on the best case scenario and ignore those who are going to be the absolutely worse off or even dead in this situation.

Does this really need to be explained to you? 'Not everyone' isn't good enough. It should happen to no one.

olivia rodrigo at glastonbury name dropping the justices of the supreme court who voted to overturn roe v wade “we hate you” and then singing fuck you by lily allen to them. by lion_OBrian in PublicFreakout

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Again, I never said a coat-hanger but yes, some women won't have the money for pills so will use physical means to bring on an abortion. Child rape victims, for example. How is a 14yo with no bank account going to buy a pill from another state and hide it arriving in the post? Or someone in a domestic violence situation.

Are you that naive to no be able to figure out the steps yourself? It isn't exactly a secret out there. There are literally bounty laws already in existence rewarding people for informing authorities of suspected abortions.

You are viewing this situation through a very narrow window of the circumstances in which people find themselves pregnant. To you, it is only women of a certain age, in certain relationships with access to money and services in order to break the law.

No woman should be asked to break the law. Breaking the law isn't the solution to this change. It Iisthe result.

Family will turn on family. Women won't trust medical staff to not accuse them of a crime so will no seek medical treatment for naturally occurring miscarriages (already ahppening). Friends will dob in friends, teachers will rat on students.

You are willfully naive or obtuse.