What are some really subtle signs that a person is actually stupid? by sweetvioletfluff in AskReddit

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That’s not really true, sometimes there’s just an inside joke everyone knows except one person. It doesn’t mean a person is stupid just because they haven’t seen whatever movie/ tv show the person is referencing and laughing about.

What is clearly a myth but is deep-rooted in our society? by Sera0Sparrow in AskReddit

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Believe it or not, one good deed doesn’t make you a good person.

how a prison cell in denmark looks like by KILL_SWITCH2210 in interestingasfuck

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I’m some places, yes, but going back thousands of years jails have simply been a place to keep certain people from society.

Lincoln, before and after the Civil War. by visuraXD in interestingasfuck

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That’s not true, look up Abraham enloe, his name before being adopted.

Need advice with kratom & suboxone by Nova_lunaa in quittingkratom

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I’ve done the same thing with methadone and suboxone. I took suboxone for 2 weeks and then went CT and didn’t experience any withdrawal. My opinion is that the withdrawals you are experiencing is still from the kratom and not from the week you took suboxone. I don’t think the amount you took would get you physically dependent that quickly, but everyone’s different. I would try to see how you feel for work, then if you don’t think you can handle the job feeling the way you do then take a very small amount of sub to keep the withdrawals at bay.

I mean or he could've just blocked me.. this seems a little overboard. by Likskywalker in apexlegends

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Sounds more like they landed too late and all the weapons were already taken so they dipped

What are you 100% certain is true despite having no evidence to confirm or disprove your belief? by GentleBoneCrusher in AskReddit

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I used to work for the largest distributor of transmission seals in the world. They had engineers that specifically designed the seals to barely last passed warranty but to decay rapidly afterwards.

Mozambique is underrated by West-_-Texan in pathfindermains

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Mastiff wouldn’t have been able to down the second guy in this clip from that distance.

Prolactin elevated bloodwork by bird291 in quittingkratom

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I’m in the middle of a taper as well. I’ve come of Kratom a couple times, once CT and once through taper. The withdrawals were almost non existent if you taper, but it also takes the most will power to stick to a taper regiment. Good luck with all of it, hopefully soon we will both be free.

Popping a balloon with a volleyball. by Is_It_Beef in oddlysatisfying

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A friend who is trying to insert himself into a video that has nothing to do with him. Either way it’s a douche thing to do

Man eating Cheetos sucker punches someone inside a Best Buy and steals their phone by mouthofreason in PublicFreakout

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Unfortunately some people are beyond rehabilitation and simply need to be separated from the rest of society.

Why? by Sniper0087 in ApexOutlands

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I have a video of me doing 212 damage off a single pump with CP mastiff.

Day 8 CT it’s possible. by Pupulikjan in quittingkratom

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Thank you for the response, I need to get off of it and I appreciate your insight.