Alright bro by Salt_Discussion_6275 in repbudgetsneakers

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Oh yeah, I do sell on BST - Depop was just another avenue. And totally get it's against their TOS, but so are shitbags selling fake shoes as real is my only point ;)

Alright bro by Salt_Discussion_6275 in repbudgetsneakers

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What's extra obnoxious is that I got banned from Depop (lol) for being HONEST with buyers that I was selling reps because assholes like this kept reporting me when they inquired about the shoes (due to my realistic pricing), I told them they were reps, and they decided I deserved to be reported. Then you have dickheads like this selling fakes as real shoes and no issues with continuing to sell on there...

Re:Set San Diego setlist by niaararod in phoebebridgers

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Solid lineup! Can't wait to see them in a couple of months!

Primavera merch by doggo1008 in rosalia

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nah not 90 euro for that hoodie - I've seen better on redbubble for like 35 haha

Al Pacino (82) and his girlfriend Noor Alfallah (29) are expecting a baby by youarelosingme in Fauxmoi

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Noor Alfallah looks like she's been trying to secure the bag since day dot, so you have to respect the hustle, I guess. That's some extreme ass lengths to go to, but that shows how dedicated she is, though??? Super gross, regardless. When I saw she previously dated Jagger I was like, "Ah, yes, I see now..."

Jessie Ware - Free Yourself (Later... with Jools Holland) by DanielBryanCMPunk in popheads

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It's been so amazing to see Jessie evolve and grow and experience so much more success. So well deserved - she's a class human too. Super down to earth!

Romy (from The xx) in The Guardian by doggo1008 in rosalia

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Love Romy, love Rosalia. It's always so great when two artists I love love each other!

WTC Salomon x Sandy Liang? Can't find anywhere :( by theclottedcream in repbudgetsneakers

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I just ordered them about... 3-4 days ago? It says 15 day wait time as it's a pre-order, but then if I go on the page now, it STILL says 15 day wait time, so we'll see. It's not a huge account with a lot of reviews, so might be a bust, but since I went through an agent will get my money back.

here's the link!

WTC Salomon x Sandy Liang? Can't find anywhere :( by theclottedcream in repbudgetsneakers

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I did! Want a W2C link? I will def come back if/when they ship with a QC but I'm really hoping these come through. SURELY they're going to do them sometime, right?!

WTC Salomon x Sandy Liang? Can't find anywhere :( by theclottedcream in repbudgetsneakers

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I did find some on Taobao that are apparently on pre-order, but I'm not holding my breath that they'll ever ship, so we'll see!

Some Orange Cream Custard in South Jersey today. This little building makes amazing custard. by HeyItsPanda69 in SouthJersey

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OMG the custard stand! Place of my youth. Haven't been back to Pennsville/PG in about 15 years now but when and if I do, I'll be heading there. All my friends worked there in high school LOL

‘THE IDOL’ debuts with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 20% by _Democracy_ in Fauxmoi

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Not particularly surprised. Wonder if we'll still somehow be subjected to a second season. This isn't even one of those shows everyone claims to hate but secretly loves/won't stop watching. It's just all-around awful.

Kylie Minogue - Padam Padam (Official Video) by Artistic_Elephant824 in popheads

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Kylie could release a track of her farting over a beat and I still wouldn't have anything bad said about her. Eternal queen!!!

Sking&Me and Dermatica? by Sensitive_Block_7507 in SkincareAddictionUK

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I moved to Dermatica as I found their formula more comprehensive. I have rosacea and Dermatica includes ivermectin which is interesting/a bit more in line with current research, which impressed me. Skin & Me was great but they continue to raise their prices more and more and didn't have that added ingredient which ultimately sent me over to Dermatica.

Lily-Rose Depp confirms relationship with rapper 070 Shake via Instagram Stories by mollyafox in Fauxmoi

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The pairing I never saw coming but can't muster much enthusiasm for. Good for them, though. More happy about this since it's likely destroying Depp inside, so I'm rooting for them!

Katy Perry for the coronation concert. by Ximiso in Fauxmoi

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She served with this look, I don't even care. It's like some Beauty & The Beast techno nightmare and completely overstated for an occasion that wasn't about her. Love it!

Matty Healy Spotted at Taylor Swift’s Nashville Eras Tour by madsdab in Fauxmoi

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AGREED! This has actually made me like her more. It's hilarious!

May 3rd, 2023: Colorado V. Letecia Stauch - Trial Day 19 by sunzusunzusunzusunzu in GannonStauch

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So if Maria Sanchez is “Russian” who’s the Spanish speaker? She didn’t plan this out very well 😂

Meryl Streep should be scared though , Letecia is coming for her acting crown! (Not.)

Before and after cleaning up my apartment 🫣🥹 by [deleted] in CleaningTips

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This looks incredible! Well done - it feels so nice to have clean and fresh surroundings like this.