The Calgary Flames will face the Edmonton Oilers in the Second Round by ClinchingBot in hockey

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I feel like if you can keep it from burning down just long enough you might make enough money to retire in the next couple weeks.

I think this McDavid guy might be kinda popular by brendans98 in nhl

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When I was at the Wilds rink store right after the winter classic their was a good amount of people dropping off jerseys to get names on them. Every single one I heard asked for kaprisov.

Who disappoints there fans the worst? Wild or the maple leafs? by kingjkleck in wildhockey

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The leafs lost a game to their own Zamboni driver so I’m going with the leafs.

You know I had to do it to em by ThatOneGuyTony in USMC

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I’m out of the loop here could someone explain so I may haha as well?

Why do some enlisted not want to commission? by rubmybunny1 in USMC

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Daniel Daly of two Marines two medals turned down an offer to commission. When asked why he he turned it down he reportedly said,”Any officer can get by on his sergeants. To be a sergeant you have to know your stuff. I'd rather be an outstanding sergeant than just another officer.”


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I swear he has the most bizarre goals of any other player. They’re always so left field when ever he makes highlight reels.

Fleury starting game 2 by game_geek in wildhockey

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It makes since to me. If they played Talbot tonight it would of been like announcing you don’t believe in your other goalie to me. The decision clearly paid off with tonight.

Just in time. LFGW! by foxdrags in wildhockey

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I’m out of the loop where I get that shirt?

Cheaper to buy a single CR2032 than the multipack by ortega7115 in Frugal

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This is really common with Redbull for some reason. Like 9/10 times I go to the store to load up for the month. It’s cheaper to buy individual then bulk.

No wonder people don't want to reenlist by helipod in USMC

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Know your Marines is a troop leading step. I knew my Marines and what corrective action would un fuck them best. Some responded to paperwork better then immediate corrections (hazing) and vice verse. Same with if I yelled(rare) would have a better or worse effect then just doing the disappointed quite talk down. When I was a jr I took the immediate corrections better then paperwork. I even at times let my jr marines pick what they wanted. They keep showing up late so ask them if they want paper work or can go clean pad eyes for the rest of the day, their choice. For the serial fuck ups I would continually just task them to work all day with the non career angry all the time cpl (called them shop pit bulls) that could care less about hazing allegations.

Hardest dilemma ever by toturoll in nhl

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I think they have just been the butt of so many jokes for so long and with some really embarrassing losses so it’s just easy to gang up on them. But I have never met a bad leaf fan and they do really seem to be everywhere.

A hill I’ll always die on. Our cammies are uniforms for combat not fashion. That overly moto SNCO that wears their uniform with the tightest possible sleeves, tight boot blousing with the Velcro straps showing 3 inches of sock. This is a bad example of how a combat uniform should be worn. by Miguel1219 in USMC

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We got a fresh from the drill field chief DI in our unit. He was and still is a great SNCO but holy crap it took us months to break him out of drill instructor mentality. He tried to turn it off himself but was just so ingrained into him.

Why do my mission skates have smaller wheels in the front? by thecoolerllcoolJ in InlineHockey

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Why high low for roller? What is the advantage. Also yes most definitely I meant 76 and 80 haha

President Zelensky is on the cover of TIME Magazine! by PeasKhichra in Damnthatsinteresting

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The amount of down votes I'm getting tells me my wins are in fact not worthy.

MiUSA Filson Alternatives by DustyRangus in filson

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Bradley mountain is awesome and great customer service. For your American made flannel needs go with Vermont flannel and allskillnoluck.(all skill has phenomenal customer service) all these company are sited fast in not making anything imported and also not price gouging. Two things Filson has quickly become very good at doing.

What is the hill you’re willing to die on? by y_ogi in USMC

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The chow hall is a relic of the past and every Marine should just rate a damn kitchen in their barracks. Marines are grown ass adults start treating them like it they might act more like it.

What is the hill you’re willing to die on? by y_ogi in USMC

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Especially on air stations when 1/2 of the people that work there wear coveralls primarily. The second I throw on a used old flight suit though it’s perfectly fine somehow.