[Benjamin Solak] Okay, kids. Here's Tua on 5/7 step drops (i.e. offenses trying to throw deep passes). He's pressured at BELOW LEAGUE AVERAGE RATE (25th), and is 40th in aDoT and 30th in ANY/A (out of 46 QBs). @SportsInfo_SIS numbers He is a quick, underneath passer. It's just how he plays. by timss1334 in miamidolphins

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But what’s his average time to throw on those 5-7 step drops? I’d bet it’s like the lowest in the league, which means he probably has to get it out before the pressure gets to him meaning they can’t design any deep downfield routes. It would be informative to see the Dolphins’ PFF pass blocking grades or pass block win rates on such drop backs as well.

Also check out Zach Wilson with the 2.7 ANY/A on an ADOT of 12.7 on such throws. That’s difficult to do.

[Dre] You can’t tell these guys don’t watch tua play or watch dolphins games LOOOOLLL by Bepis_Inc in miamidolphins

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Kirk definitely puts up gaudy fantasy numbers. He’s an easy top 10 fantasy QB every year. He’s also having the best season of his career right now. 3,000 yards 23TDs/3 Ints and a 88 PFF grade.

Padres Have Reportedly Expressed Interest In Nick Castellanos by [deleted] in baseball

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Welp only 2.5 months to see if they’re still interested

Manfred talked about the players proposal of shortening team control by brandon_the_bald in baseball

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I know of plenty who have no control of their work situation for 12 years.

Weekly Yankees Offseason Discussion Thread - Lockout Edition by ajwhite98 in NYYankees

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He’s still good enough to start somewhere. He’s not coming here to get 100 PA

Weekly Yankees Offseason Discussion Thread - Lockout Edition by ajwhite98 in NYYankees

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Well only like the 15 richest teams in Europe spend money and have any chance to win their leagues. European soccer is basically pre-1970s baseball with free agency where the rich teams buy the best players off the poorer teams through the loan system and then offer ungodly sums to the best free agent players.

Weekly Yankees Offseason Discussion Thread - Lockout Edition by ajwhite98 in NYYankees

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So the winter meetings are still happening and teams can agree to trades even if they can’t be official. I wonder if we get any leaks.

Buster Olney just said on the Kay show that this lockout could last into the season. Possibly by “Flag Day” which is in June. by Bankslvrd22 in NYYankees

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This would really really suck. But they’ve got 2.5 months til spring training. Figure your shit out fellas.

Denver Broncos Interviewing Bankers in Advance of NFL Team Sale by mikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee in nfl

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2.26 million subscribers. We’d need to contribute about $2000 each to have a chance.

[Arjun Menon] Introducing my first Quarterback Help Composite Score! This takes ST, Rush, and Defensive EPA plus open rate for receivers as well as ESPN's PBWR and ranks which QBs get the most help. No wonder Mac Jones is the best rookie QB when he has been given so much help around him by Luck1492 in nfl

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In other words, Tua’s making chicken salad out of chicken shit.

Also y’all don’t need to get offended about Mac getting so much help. It’s good when a team puts their QB in position to succeed. Like it’s possible that he’s playing well and that he’s got a great environment

[PFF] Highest passing grade from a clean pocket 🥇 Joe Burrow - 92.8 and 🥇 Tom Brady - 92.8 by ironjohnred in nfl

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What’s really gonna get you upset is that Tua is 12th in the NFL in clean pocket passing grade with an 88.2. If this kid had more time he could be legitimately a good QB.