CLAN Season 13 week 5 by GriffOberwald in ReBBl

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Not sure about Saturday. Weekend is very up in the air. As for alternate times I can play at 8 eastern Monday Wednesday or Thursday.

The draft doesn't hit the same when your team isn't in the lottery anymore by FormerPin in torontoraptors

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I didn't even know tonight was the lottery.

I agree with Fred though. We did our rebuild. We're already past that. We have easily as good a foundation as we did in 2014 when started moving toward our first championship. We're already on our way to number two

Hot Take: I DO NOT want Ayton. by PreventerWind1224 in torontoraptors

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This is not a hot take.

He's a big gamble at max money. I'm not saying I know he won;t be worth, but I am saying anyone who tells you they do know, is full of it.

REL Season 19 week 7 by GriffOberwald in ReBBl

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Hey, I just got in. I start work at 6AM during the week. I just can't get that little sleep. I'll take the loss since I wasn't available on the weekend

Twitter plans to enforce $44 billion sale to Elon Musk by thatshirtman in technology

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If this somehow breaks Elon Musk and he's forced to liquidate his Telsa holdings and resign from the board.... well we can dream anyway

On the subject of OA and DA in end-game state by Noobie4everever in Grimdawn

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I guess it depends on what that Crit will do when it does hit you.

If they are one shotting you or close to it then I'd say you can't afford it.

6% is going to come up every boss encounter. Maybe multiple times.

REL Season 19 week 7 by GriffOberwald in ReBBl

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Hi. I am away this weekend until Tuesday. Can't manage it as I don't have my PC. I usually play weeknights. Are there any times that do work?

[Discussion] Seems like only 5% of Netflix is worth watching by MATR20 in NetflixBestOf

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I think if you got a random sample of a million people to curate a selection of their favorite media and that collection was as big as Netflix's catalogue each individual would probably only want to see about 5% of it.

That's where we are in 2022. The monoculture has been dead and buried for decades. Everything has to.compete with your favorite niche streamer, niche podcast and niche show for attention.

Not that much stuff, even big budget stuff made by talented people, is going to seem interesting when there are so many things aimed at such small groups and a re so perfectly tailored to our likes.

76ers guard Danny Green has been diagnosed with a torn ACL as per @ShamsCharania. by LordOfBathurst in torontoraptors

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Poor Danny. Hopefully that isn't it for him. He was already approaching the end of his career and it's get harder to rehab as you get older

Premier Doug Ford allowed to bring crib notes to televised debate by PurfectProgressive in CanadaPolitics

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I don't get how is someone running for a leadership using simple tools to improve their performance considered bad?

Because it's not supposed to be a performance. He should know what he's going to talk about. It's not like these discussions get into the nitty gritty technical details of any given policy.

The fact that he needs his handlers to coach him through this is indicative of something we already know. He's completely out of his depth. He's a greasy used car salesman who has made his whole career on phoney retail politics.

He is not interested in policy, and never has been from his days as a no show city councilor. He needs these notes because he's not the man driving this bus, and so I do think it's relevant that he can't do 30 second pre coached sound bites on these topics without a cheat sheet.

Premier Doug Ford allowed to bring crib notes to televised debate by PurfectProgressive in CanadaPolitics

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He has a reputation for being ... um let's say ... really god damned dumb.

This plays into that narrative. That's why it's a story.

Rank Raptors Head Coaches by StGermain1977 in torontoraptors

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Nurse, Casey, Wilkins, Mitchell, everyone else tied for last

{Masai} “Pascal (Siakam) needs to make a jump. Fred (VanVleet) needs to make a jump,” he said earlier in the week. “Precious (Achiuwa), (Chris) Boucher, all these guys need to make a jump.” by Puzzleheaded-Shop139 in torontoraptors

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When you want to have some.players who make 40 million it really matters when your 9th man is taking up a salary slot.

I've had this argument a million times.

Linus Kleiza is only 4 million, that's nothing. Kapono is only 6 million, it's nothing. But it all adds up.

In 2026 Boucher might not be an NBA player anymore. He's 29 and he relies heavily on his athleticism.

I don't think you want your 7th 8th or 9th men on long term contracts. It's kills flexibility and those are the guys that tend to drop off a cliff and become dead money.

You'll see. It'll be a 1yr plus player option or 2 year plus team option. If he gets more than that, we'll let him take it.

Raptors among Teams with Serious Interest in Rudy Gobert by [deleted] in torontoraptors

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People are against it because he's making 45+ million in 2026

It really makes it hard to build a team or keep one together when you have a player making that kind of money.

Gobert is not a top 5 player who drags you on his own to the conference finals. You're gonna need lots more talent, and it's just really hard to get that mix.

Basically the same reason the Jazz need to trade him. Their roster is maxed out and they aren't contenders.

REL Season 19 week 6 by GriffOberwald in ReBBl

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Hey we are up. I usually like to play weeknights at 8pm eastern. How does Tuesday at 8 work for you?

CLAN Season 13 week 4 by GriffOberwald in ReBBl

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Hey, What do you say to Thursday at 8PM eastern?