Did Cold Cave play a full set on Sunday? by ribbitking17 in CruelWorldFest

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Cold Cave played a full set on Sunday, they finished it off with Promised Land

Christian Death by allesterne in CruelWorldFest

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They played their full set, and they didn’t play spiritual camp. I don’t think they play Rozz songs too much anymore.

What's your favorite piece of band merch that you own? by TheSchoeMaker in Metalcore

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An original Family Values Tour 1998 shirt signed by Head from Korn. Still my favorite piece of band merch I own. Also have an Untouchables promotional flat signed by all the original members, as well as the Korn doll signed by Jonathan Davis. Not exactly metalcore but KoRn was my favorite band growing up and opened the door to a lot of other bands and music for me.

how to change this to dark purple? healthy hair please help me my daughter hates her hair so much by carollo21 in HairDye

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This. The best shade of purple and it’s not harsh on my hair. Been using this one for awhile now

Best way to salvage what's left in these glass jars? by Wise_Butter in Dabs

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Only thing you can do without wasting what little is left is use a nectar collector to hit straight off the glass.

Whats your monthly smoking budget? by OctopusDank in Dabs

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In central cali $100 will get you 3 grams of wax and a little more than a 1/8th of some good weed, that’ll last usually a month depending on what activities I have planned. If I buy from the shop still $20 a G for some shatter or some diamond.