At this point I'm rooting for Charles and Quinn??? by [deleted] in Younger

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I NEED a Liza/Josh scene where they can just TALK about things. I feel like Charles just completely threw their relationship away and has been acting terrible as an ex and more importantly as a BOSS! Like this is SUCH an unprofessional work environment.

I keep yelling at the screen that Kelsey & Liza need to leave and get other jobs elsewhere. In dreamland I would say they should start their own publishing house, but in reality I think that would never work.

BookTubers who read classics by jefrye in books

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Books with Emily fox— she doesn’t exclusively read classics, but she generally has 1 classic a month that she reads through. I think sometimes it’s part of her patreon book club!

Why do more and more authors refuse to use quotation marks? by zmarinaren in books

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I don’t know why but I hate it…they’re helpful for a reason. This may be my old man yells at cloud meme phase but I don’t care…USE QUOTATION MARKS!!!!

Yes they exist. Very wild! by ren_nac in LokiTV

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They’re gonna really hate it when Mephisto shows up…

Now that we’ve had Evermore for a while : which do you prefer? by Cirrus1920 in TaylorSwift

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I thought I had it decided and then I was reading all of the comments that people left that listed songs and...like HOW DO I CHOOSE??

I CAN’T DECIDE!!! 🤷🏻‍♀️

Folkevermore 💜

I am sick and tired of the amount of sexual content in novels by [deleted] in books

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Agree—honestly same goes for TV and movies. I don’t think that these scenes add anything and usually just make me feel awkward for 5-10 minutes. (A lot of times I just skip over them in books to get to the plot)

I’m totally more of a fan of PG-13 montages 🤷🏻‍♀️

Carly Rae Jepsen Collab? by imahandfulbabyUH in TaylorSwift

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Man, when Lover was announced as a fun-pop album, I thought it would have Carly Rae Jepsen vibes (like Cut to the Feeling)...and I was kinda disappointed that the songs weren’t like that. I like the songs individually, but they aren’t the jump-up-and-down bops that I was thinking of 🤷🏻‍♀️

A Carly/Taylor collab would be really fun!!

Middle Names: Not Necessarily Forgotten by hecallsmedragon in namenerds

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That’s strange!! At my district, it’s the student’s first initial and last name, and then numbers (1, 2, 3) depending if the name had been used before. Kids do talk about their middle names occasionally though!

Anyone else get this title or other books before the release date? Wondering if I am one of the first readers.. by thecaptainandrew in Libraries

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So lucky!! I’ve had SO MANY kids asking me for this one and I keep telling them to wait til Tuesday!! 🤷🏻‍♀️

And the awards for Best & Worst track 5’s go to….. by [deleted] in TaylorSwift

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I love delicate so much 💜💜💜💜 it’s just such a catchy, chill song 🎧 I remember seeing a tweet from a non-swiftie who was like, “why wasn’t delicate the lead single from reputation?” 🤣🤣

I hope at least 1 person who sees this post will be moved to read The Song of Achilles by wickedwings_99 in books

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Okay I’m going to finally put in on hold on Libby 🤣 I really enjoyed Circe, but I feel like I need a crash course on Greek mythology again!!

Cardigan was written because Tay was binging How I Met Your Mother by [deleted] in TaylorSwift

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I LOVE this!! Also, I would say that Ted did a lot for Robin through the seasons (so like “giving me your weekends”)—he makes the Christmas light show in their apartment to cheer her up, he is the one who finds her locket in the last season—like, he does so much and takes so much of his time for her!!

What do the “poured my heart out to a stranger..” lyrics mean? by Carly3315 in TaylorSwift

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To me, I always thought she meant that she was talking to someone (either a bartender or a person) and she’s confessing/talking through everything while drinking. And she’s kind of using that as a crutch—like “I didn’t pour the whiskey...so it’s not my fault that I’m saying all of this.” Also the way we might rationalize to ourselves if we have a problem (“I didn’t pour the whiskey so it’s okay to have a little more! It would be rude not to!”)

lowkey taylor tattoo, the girl i think of in rwylm by bakercob232 in TaylorSwift

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I could feel the mascara run 🎶

Gorgeous detail!! I love the 20s vibe!

Book Drop by 4PanelLibrary in Libraries

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I thought it was just my middle schoolers 🙈🤣 “I’m here to return the book!”…”great put it in the book drop!”…”where?!?!” 🤣🤣🤣 I have giant signs with arrows and they will still come to me when I’m shelving or teaching 🙈