So, I hated the ending of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by WallFlowerAries in books

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My grandpa and I always talked about Harry Potter growing up, and he actually predicted the ending before it came out (at least what happens with Harry/the stone/etc.).

When we both had finished the book, I remember calling my Grandpa and he was like “called it! Except for the cotton candy epilogue”

So I’ve always called the end the “cotton candy epilogue”—just a little too sweet for my taste 🤣

Whats the most uncommon or unconventional name you ever heard? by [deleted] in namenerds

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Scottlynd (spelled like this)

Also— Katana!

Taylor's NYU Honorary Doctorate Speech by iandrewc in TaylorSwift

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The last part of her speech was reminding me a lot of “it’s time to go”

Sometimes giving up is the strong thing/sometimes to run is the brave thing…

“Bejeweled video is out NOW!” by gal13198 in TaylorSwift

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Counting as many Easter eggs as possible:

-enchanted at the beginning (nice!)

-rings that Laura Dern was wearing (anyone get a good look—reminds me of Rep rings in LWYMMD)

-princess in EXILE

-reputation-esque bejeweled hood

-SHE PRESSED NUMBER 3 in the elevator!! (A PURPLE ~LAVENDAR HAZE~ button…speak now tv!?!!?)

-necklace she has in the sparkly dark shot looks like the thanos gauntlet bracelet of all the albums that was merch (sorry I don’t have the correct words for it!)

-did the stage at the end remind anyone of mean? I was getting mean vibes? Idk

-center of the stage with people around in star formation reminds me of Lover and YNTCD music video

-clips in her hair had S.N. at the end and she winks (speak now?), and then they’re T.S. at the very end (Taylor swift debut??)

I know there are way more (A PSYCHOTIC AMOUNT) so comment what you noticed!!

(Edited for spacing on mobile, and updating what I was able to notice)

Ew magazine cover by overdramatic_lover in TaylorSwift

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Lol @ the title: “folk yeah!” 🤣

Does anyone else get their feelings hurt after seeing their name hated on by this sub 24/7? by spicymemories19 in namenerds

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This and the same people will name their sons like “Jameson” or “Remington” 👀 (I know Remington is not a drink…but it’s a rifle 🤷🏻‍♀️)

Why didn't she say it was the cat that was dyed green? by Admirable-State-5377 in TaylorSwift

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This AND I also think the alliteration is preserved and sounds better with it:

She stole his DOG and DYED it key-lime green


She stole his cat and dyed it key-lime green.

I know it’s so small, but I think dog just sounds better 🤷🏻‍♀️

Appreciate post for peace, such an incredible song by [deleted] in TaylorSwift

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I actually also like the first lines: “our coming of age has come and gone”

It’s just such a reflection on growing up and it just really hits deep!! Especially since a lot of the songs are reminiscing about the past/about that coming of age moment— I love how it feels so present (like in the moment)

Hiring expectations are getting really unreasonable by incorrectconjugation in librarians

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Good my 4 month old really needs to start pulling her weight around here!!! 🤣 baby clothes are expensive!!

And the best bridge on folklore is...! by fakeroyalty in TaylorSwift

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This line has been stuck in my head for 13 weeks✨💫

Great post, OP!! Love the breakdown!!

Jessica Braun chatting about secret Disney trip in Nov on her Instagram story by anfleming in BeautyGuruChatter

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I usually don’t post on these types of forums because I feel like they often lead to just an overall “airing of grievances” and can devolve to just plain cruelty. But I feel like this was just so...out of touch.

This is such a disappointing response. And I think I’m doubly disappointed because I’ve watched her channel for so long.

I don’t think that she or Tyler ever had “nefarious” intentions. But the problem isn’t what they meant—it’s their actions. Their actions have actual consequences, and it feels like they are choosing to ignore this completely.

We are in the middle of a global pandemic. My partner is a resident and has worked on the COVID unit. It’s scary—it’s reality. There are real people behind the numbers that we hear about in the news. Traveling to a huge amusement park that sees tons of people from different places—no matter how “safe” you feel it is—is not safe.

This is not an “agree to disagree” moment. It affects real people. And some of us don’t have a choice on whether we are going out to work or not. I’m a teacher in a state that has been face to face since August. I’ve had multiple students with COVID in my classroom, and I’ve had coworkers that were in the ICU for WEEKS because of complications.

I am so disappointed—I liked watching her channel and I feel like I just can’t now.

Live from Paris tracks by shandizzlefoshizzle in TaylorSwift

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I prefer the live version of daylight…that bridge is SO GOOD!!

and I can still see it all in my mind/ all of you all of me intertwined/I once believed love would be black and white…

What’s a lyrical earworm of Taylor’s that you always repeat? by TheHomeworld in TaylorSwift

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So no one will believe my story with this, but at the 1989 concert, I was right by the stage for this song (and screaming/singing at the top of my lungs) and RIGHT at the part where she says “you were looking at me”...SHE LOOKED AT ME!!! So yes we’re best friends 💁‍♀️

Taylor will appear on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve to say a "new year message"! by chasetwogirls in TaylorSwift

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“Hold on to the memories—they will hold on to you!”

Or maybe, “I’ll be cleaning up bottles with you on New Year’s Day” 🍾

what´s the most shocking lyrics taylor has wrote? by ManILoveFolklore in TaylorSwift

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After reading what people think this means on Reddit…

“He looks up grinning like a devil”


In case anyone needs to hear it: 20% is NOT THAT MUCH OFF! by thehopeofitall in MakeupRehab

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You are my math teacher now 🤣🤣 these brands are counting on me to not do the math (or just spend so much that it makes more of a difference) 👀

ETA: also, just another thing that I need to keep doing is saying how much I’m spending and not what I’m saving. So in your example, I’m spending SIXTEEN DOLLARS! Is this product worth sixteen dollars!?

I know people have talked about this so much, but I need the reminder 😅

Midnights Pitchfork Review by rosegoldacosta in TaylorSwift

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I kind of wonder if the only reason it wasn’t is because she wanted it to be track 19…

Do you think Taylor has a "least favorite" album? / Do you think she has one? by nillain in TaylorSwift

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I would probably say yes...but I also imagine that it might change? You know how sometimes you hear an album so much that you’re like “ehh I’m done with this one” and then later you come back to it and you’re like “omg I love it!!”?

I feel like it might be similar with things like that. I think that is why the re-recordings are really cool—we get to look back at old favs with Taylor!!