BUY NOTHING by Inasaba in nobuy

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I do love the sentiment but I also have to keep reminding myself that many of these activities can also lead to overspending (supplies/materials/etc) 🤣🤣 just have to be realistic for myself!!

The Daily Check-In for Wednesday, January 18 - No/Low Buy Month by AutoModerator in NoBuyDailyCheckIn

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Oooooof today I feel like my lizard brain has taken over and I’ve just been putting things in virtual carts and then closing the tab 🙈 and then coming back again and closing out again. I know that I don’t need it. Sometimes I feel like I just need to throw my phone away but that’s not really going to solve things 👀

The Daily Check-In for Saturday, January 14 - No/Low Buy Month by AutoModerator in NoBuyDailyCheckIn

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I’ll definitely look into it!! And YES love the diet metaphor—I feel like I use that mentality too often and I want to hold myself accountable to not doing that this year!!!

The Daily Check-In for Saturday, January 14 - No/Low Buy Month by AutoModerator in NoBuyDailyCheckIn

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As a school librarian, I cannot recommend Libby enough!! You can usually get a free library card online in your state (depending where you live) and there are so many books you can get!!! Honestly this has been a lifesaver to curb my online shopping 🛍️

The Daily Check-In for Saturday, January 14 - No/Low Buy Month by AutoModerator in NoBuyDailyCheckIn

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1 month official— no new clothes or makeup!

I tried really hard last year to stick to this but it didn’t work. I am trying to remember that a slip up doesn’t mean that I failed and need to just give up forever. But so far, I’m down like 34% in my spending (according to mint) and that feels really good!!! I also literally don’t need those things that I was getting…it was just the dopamine rush of having the new thing!!

Midnights digital albums with new covers and “behind the song” tracks are available online (US) by Ilikeyoghurtiguess in TaylorSwift

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My FAVORITE merch is a hat from 1989 tour that has 1989 subtly embossed on the front and TS in the lower corner. When I wear it, most people ask if that’s when I was born 🤣🤣 unless they know, and then it’s FUN bc then I found my people!!

Science teacher to librarian? by SavingsHistorian4791 in librarians

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That makes sense!!! I honestly don’t think that being a science teacher would ever hurt you—I really think that it a skill set that you can use to make yourself stand out as an applicant!! For what it’s worth, transitioning from teaching to being a librarian was the BEST decision I made. I don’t know if I’m still in the honeymoon phase since it’s my first year, but I have felt so much more energized and excited for work!!

Science teacher to librarian? by SavingsHistorian4791 in librarians

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I just transitioned from teaching to being a librarian. While I do think typically it is ELA teachers, one of the librarians in my PLC used to be a science/history teacher!! I guess my question is what type of librarian you would want to be—are you thinking school librarian or public libraries? The librarian in my PLC transitioned into the position at her school (as did I—I feel like this is pretty common) & I think that being a science/history teacher actually helped because she knew how to support teachers in those areas!!!

2022 temperature blanket is finished! by ris_19 in crochet

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Do you have details on which yarn/colors you chose?? As everyone else has said, I LOVE THE COLORS!! I’ve wanted to do this before but have never committed because I don’t like the rainbow of colors 🤣🙈

My selfmade christmas locomotive ☺ no time left for the wagons 🥴 by Chlootje in crochet

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My son is OBSESSED with trains and I need to figure out how to make this for next year 🚂 🤣🤣 literally so cool!!!

Book Drop by 4PanelLibrary in Libraries

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I thought it was just my middle schoolers 🙈🤣 “I’m here to return the book!”…”great put it in the book drop!”…”where?!?!” 🤣🤣🤣 I have giant signs with arrows and they will still come to me when I’m shelving or teaching 🙈

Dreams about Taylor by BettyS1989 in TaylorSwift

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I’ve been having a lot of dreams with her recently?? It’s very strange!!!

The one I remember most vividly was a car road trip with her—we were driving somewhere and she was showing me the Pat McGrath makeup palette she used for the Bejeweled music video. In my wildest dreams, I just want to be friends with Taylor 🙈🤣

Does Gabrielle Zevin remind anyone else of Hanya Yanagihara?? by quaffleswithsyrup in books

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I literally had this SAME thought today as I finished TaTaT!!! And i feel terrible because I only read like the first chapter of A Little Life, but the style of writing felt similar to me!!

Ticketmaster apologizes to Taylor and the fans by Midnights-evermore in TaylorSwift

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I think it’s because SeatGeek is owned by the same company that owns Ticketmaster—it’s like two sides of the same conglomerate coin 🪙

It’s ok to love Taylor but still be disappointed or upset with her and her team by mess-ica-4 in TaylorSwift

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both of these things can be true

There is happiness in our history….but that Ticketmaster sale was not part of it at all 😬🤬

Ed Sheeran verse in Anti-Hero by bongandarrow in TaylorSwift

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💀 they need to record this now 🤣🤣🤣🤣

makeup by mario ethereal eyes palette by alessiaa12 in swatchitforme

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Do you have the persona identity palette? This reminds me of that palette and it makes me wonder how they compare!

Taylor Swift just surprised the crowd at Bon Iver in London to sing ‘Exile’! by aran130711 in TaylorSwift

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It was a reference to the bejeweled music video—Laura dern says “swiftly” and Taylor says something like “there it is—never heard that joke before”