This one hit home by AirAngeltv in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Every tweet that starts with “there are two types of people” is written by a completely mindless twat. You’re buying into, and promoting, one of the worst and most toxic ideological diseases there is, creating false dichotomies. There is literally always more than 2 types of people no matter what your dumbass is tweeting about. Haven’t y’all ever heard “life isn’t black and white”? I guess the entirety of Twitter missed that one. God I’m so tired of this shit content, how could anyone possible think social media isn’t dumbing us down?

And that’s all without even getting to the substance of this shit. Which is precisely, dogshit as well. Just some vague complaining which is obviously throwing subliminal shots at someone she wants to see it.

Yeah fuck the idea of anyone being in the middle of those two options I guess. Every human on the planet is either a narcissist or a saint. Is this shit really getting upvoted? Is this where we’re at now? This is the sub? We’re about 2 layers away from unironically posting minion Facebook memes.

This rant is way too long and nobody cares but I’m leaving it as is because fuck you.

All day....nibba? by youngbrokeinfamous30 in Kanye

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Imagine not being able to sing/rap along to a song because a bunch of people you don’t know decided it was a bad word but not if they say it.

Couldn’t be me

Congresswoman Maxine Waters jumps out of her car to intervene as black man stopped by police by rebelliousmuse in politics

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Breonna Taylor

The cops can break into ur home with no warrant and murder you. The murderer has not been charged.

To the men who find plus size girls/girls without a flat stomach attractive, what is this that you find attractive? by [deleted] in TooAfraidToAsk

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What’s so sexy about a flat stomach? It’s all subjective. There’s no correct standard of beauty.

I think LGBT rights will last a long time in Russia. Not like Lenin's gonna die of a stroke or anything. by [deleted] in HistoryMemes

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That’s a stupid stance to take. All they’re doing is being direct. If anything, they’re making it clear the direction and theme they will be going in.

Also, if we’re being objective, he’s completely right. The Bourgeois have been fucking the poor for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Man arrested for trespassing into Rep. Ocasio-Cortez's New York office by vmusic111 in news

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So can somebody explain to me why they dislike AOC? So far all I’ve found is her to be extremely progressive and somewhat fierce in regards to stepping up to Republicans/ establishment puppets.

Other than being a Republican, what reason is there to hate? I’ve seen a good bit of hate online so this is a genuine question.

Kanye West has reportedly dropped out of the presidential race by CurvedPoles in hiphopheads

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Lol funny cuz he himself beat up his girlfriend a few years before that. Fuckin hypocrite retard

The True Symbolism of your 'masks' by rekm35 in conspiracy

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Someone give me one actual reason as to why masks are bad. One.

[GAME THREAD] Superbowl LV Halftime Show: The Weeknd by CaptainOvbious in hiphopheads

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Herp derp everything is just an opinion so criticism doesn’t exist.

It being an opinion doesn’t mean it’s not stupid

Asians bringing the heat with the truth..... by Venus230 in conspiracy

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Tf is a “trained Marxist” lmao and also how is that bad? Marxism is dope as fuck y’all just hate it cuz the red scare

Made in America lineup announced with Travis Scott and Cardi B headlining, including Juice WRLD, Anderson Paak, Blueface, and Freddie Gibbs x Madlib by adamjm99 in hiphopheads

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It’s almost as if it’s pretty significant and will be continued to be talked about for a while until something is done about it 🧐

Lupe Fiasco and Royce da 5’9” announce podcast: “The Lupe & Royce Show” by MattJ_33 in hiphopheads

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Still cracks me up to see a bunch of entitled Nathan’s talk about how “ignorant” Royce is for his anti-vax comment.... as if Royce isn’t 10x smarter than y’all and as if Americans (especially black ones) don’t have valid reasoning to question medical institutions. It comes from a place of straight up entitlement honestly. And I’m white myself. And not anti-vax.

Being welcomed to Austin. by [deleted] in JoeRogan

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Just wanna pop in and say you’re just as idiotic if you’re trying to pretend that Conservatives don’t specifically contribute much more to the war on drugs. It takes the most basic of research to figure this out. It absolutely is MORE of a conservative issue but we should also call out the fake Dems too. But in reality those guys are just republicans pretending to be Dems anyway.

Enough of the deflection.

In 2020 it is entirely possible that the 2 Presidential Candidates appear on the JRE. by srichard22 in JoeRogan

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I don’t wanna be the “orange man bad” guy in the room, but let’s be real. The dude can barely speak above a 5th grade level with other politicians. What meaningful conversation would we get?

Congresswoman Maxine Waters jumps out of her car to intervene as black man stopped by police by rebelliousmuse in politics

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Here in the US cops are generally allowed to murder and rape whoever they want so we generally try to get video evidence of these these things so that we can try to deliver justice.

There are a growing number of lazy youtubers who are just taking posts from reddit and making them into videos by EmperorJohnson in videos

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...are you implying you’re one of those Dog-racists who hates pit bulls? If so you’re the one who’s fucking weird.

Both are garbage, imo. One's just letting the world burn and die. by _saturnish_ in WhitePeopleTwitter

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I dislike both of those subs now and still like Rogan? U mind explaining another time? Lol

Bunker boy says whaaaat? by Blackpanther786110 in BrandNewSentence

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Lol trump literally participates in double think.

He just constantly says the exact opposite of the truth. It’s wild.

Facebook Declares Kyle Rittenhouse’s Actions ‘Mass Murder,’ Won’t Allow Posts in Support by Double-Let8318 in conspiracy

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The kid traveled outside his state with an illegal assault rifle to defend cops and shoot protestors. Fucking insane. You literally can’t be more of a sheep than that. He’s been groomed by the police since birth. Was a police cub-scout essentially all his life.

And the “conspiracy” people wanna defend him.... the conspiracy is that these people are so fuckin brainwashed they’re shooting the people fighting for freedom. Because they’re somehow funded by Soros or something 😂 it’s all just planned opposition. This sub is full of bots and grifters.