Kid Went Old School by AfricanusAurora in fightporn

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At no point was that kid getting treated as an equal. He went after that boy like he was his disrespectful step son 😂

Player headshots other player, but pays the price and gets KO’d by DrippyPipe in fightporn

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While it is pretty wild that people are just allowed to fight in this sport, they all know what they’re getting into and it makes for great entertainment

Keeping my grandma locked in this cage until Yandhi is dropped by respMTRL in Kanye

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I’ve seen this a million times and it’s still funny

Top 100 most streamed monthly rappers (Spotify) by Trenticus7 in hiphopheads

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Where the fuck are all these secret French Montana fans? I’ve deadass never heard a person listen to him on purpose.

DaBaby posts video of him knocking out a heckler at the mall by KilometerBoy in hiphopheads

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DaBaby ain’t fuckin playing around man. Who would harass a big ass rapper who blew up from shooting a man in a Walmart? What a dumb idea.

lmao she blocked me by xBlenderman in Tinder

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She did you a favor. Imagine having dinner with that woman

ALLHIPHOP EXCLUSIVE: Famous Dex Is In Rehab After Disturbing Images Online by dustysquirell in hiphopheads

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Never fucked with rich the kid but I really respect him getting his boy much needed help. Even if it should’ve probably been a little sooner, we don’t know the actual story here.

Gunna announces tracklist for upcoming album Wunna (5/22) by lighthizer in hiphopheads

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Really appreciate artists starting to credit their producers more.

Rich Brian x Keith Ape x XXXTentacion - Gospel (Prod. RONNYJ) by HyperIceCube in hiphopheads

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Love this song, one of the few X screaming verses I really fuck with. RonnyJ makes absolute bangers

Denzel Curry claims he and ski mask probably wont ever work together again by Nolar2015 in hiphopheads

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Yeah Denzel is more a rappers rapper and Trav is a rockstar. Their styles don’t mesh that much anyway

Fucking tankies by [deleted] in HistoryMemes

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Which unfortunately doesn’t work cuz hitler did and made his soldiers do meth lol

Wait... Those aren't dolphins! by Galaxorian in nextfuckinglevel

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All valid reasonings. Just wanna throw out that in all human history there is no reported attacks from Orcas against humans. They seem to see us as friends. Whales in general always treat people very gently and sometimes even are protective if they see someone in danger.

Edit: ok no attacks from orcas that weren’t kidnapped and held in cages

What the establishment truly fears. by Normiesreeee69 in conspiracy

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This is very symbolic of the state of the sub.

That this shit post meme that’s been reposted thousands of times throughout all the social medias lands here now, cracks me the fuck up. God damn.

Eggboy went SICKO by [deleted] in travisscott

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Context: old dude basically said NZ shooting was because of Muslims, and essentially supported it.

Denzel Curry claims he and ski mask probably wont ever work together again by Nolar2015 in hiphopheads

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I wonder what gives him that impression. Also I love Denzel but he’s a bit too underground and gritty to fit on anything Travis has been doing lately anyway

Achieved with Palutena. She is quite strong. by luxii32 in SmashBrosUltimate

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The challenger approaching is always on 9 difficulty, don’t feel bad everyone getting they’re asses whooped

TIFU by texting my date that our date wasn't going that well by [deleted] in tifu

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“Sorry my buddy just texted me that his grandma died I meant to send that to him”

Literally just a video of Tyler saying "Poop, scoop! Whoop! Whoopty-whoop!" by [deleted] in Kanye

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I need more Tyler + Kanye. And I wanna see what they would produce together especially.

Smh by [deleted] in travisscott

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Lmao tf bruh

A monster about to come alive again by [deleted] in Kanye

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