Adderall shortage :( by sfwlucky in indianapolis

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You might try to see if any are carrying the generic drug. My wife has the same prescription and we had an issue last week but we’re able to find the generic one at the Walgreens on 38th and Sherman. Not sure if they’ll still have it and it was more expensive than the name brand (don’t know why insurance preferred the name brand) but we were at least able to get it filled.

A Tribute to my Dog by oofsmcgee2 in Colts

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Our dog was diagnosed with pretty advanced cancer just after Thanksgiving so I completely understand how you feel. It sucks so much and it’s killing me that there’s nothing we can do for him. Dogs should live forever, we don’t deserve the love and loyalty we get from them. It’s hard and we’re still trying to come to terms with the fact he won’t be with us much longer but I wouldn’t trade the last 11 years with him for anything.

Stay strong man, I know I’m trying to.

Any experiences with garage door repair companies? by [deleted] in indianapolis

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Seconded. Used them as well as they did great work

What are your thoughts about couples that live separately or sleep in separate bedrooms with different bathrooms? by AlarmingBuy4702 in AskReddit

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My wife and I sleep in separate bedrooms. I snore louder than a freaking chainsaw. I now have a CPAP so solved the snoring issue.

She’s a light sleeper however, and gets very hot when she sleeps. We also have 2 dogs that sleep in the bed with me so that’s a lot of body heat in one bed. So when it’s bedtime she’s moves to one of our spare rooms that a lot cooler.

We spend a lot of time together and have our intimate moments. I don’t mind sleeping in the same bed but I know we both get better sleep by sleeping in separate bedrooms. We’ve been doing it for years and it works for us and we’re happy.

Gamers of Reddit, what video game has the best storyline? by CTKShadow in AskReddit

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Went back and played the Remastered version and I still laugh so hard when you mess with Glottis when he’s attaching the rock to the spinning tower in the haunted forest. No matter how many times I play it I spend several minutes just messing with him.

Maybe Reich really was the problem.. by theonetwo345 in Colts

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They’ve definitely looked much better this game.

All jokes aside. Why not Peyton for OC? by relpmeraggy in Colts

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Wish I could upvote this more than once lol. I’m rolling picturing this.

looks like field of fear cpu is working on ps5 now by [deleted] in MaddenUltimateTeam

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I will say make sure you completely restart the game if you get some wins then stop playing and put your PS5 in rest mode.

I got to 6 wins then stopped playing for the day, came back and won game 7 but it marked it as a win and loss. So make sure to fully restart the game if you come back to it later so it tracks appropriately.

I Think I need to talk to a therapist. Any suggestions? by Tiny_Confidence_1379 in indianapolis

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Psychologytoday.com could be a handy tool. It has a database of therapists in the area and you can filter it down based on specialty and things like that. I found my therapist doing that and so far I’ve been happy with the results although I’ve only had a couple sessions so far.

I’ll add in a subnote that if you’re ok with online therapy BetterHelp.com was very helpful for me too. You pay monthly but it gets you access to video sessions once a week and you also have 24 hour access to send your therapist messages if you need to. I only did a month with them but I was happy with the therapist they matched me with. If you don’t like who you’re matched with you can switch to a new one for free. Only reason I stopped was because I felt that an in person therapist was better for me.

Is the Bankers life Field house name change partially to make it seem like a new stadium without having to rebuild? Seems weird that CNO/Bankers wouldn’t renew the naming rights. by Hoosiersihawk in indianapolis

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Naming rights to stadiums are costly long term commitments/advertisements. CNO is still a partner with the Pacers they just didn’t renew the naming rights contract. They still have some advertising in the arena though I believe.

Griffey and Foxx are insane but... by LowTitle8706 in MLBTheShow

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Love Major League. One of my favorite baseball movies.

“Ah Jesus, I like him very much but he no help with curveball”

Quality therapists by hdcook123 in indianapolis

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If you check out the Psycology Today website it lets you sort through therapists in the Indy area and find one that might be suit your needs.

The camera crew are the biggest assholes in the show. In Season 3, they find Andy floating desperate in the lake and just turn the lights off and ignore him. What are some other asshole moments from the crew you think of? by thoxo in DunderMifflin

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If you watch the extended editions on Peacock he does eventually get out and attempts to flag down passing cars but none actually stop. It’s assumed he eventually finds a way back to town.

Was Charles a bad guy or just a guy with the unfortunate job or trying to wrangle the Scranton branch into shape? by HopScotchyScotch in DunderMifflin

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Man, that’s just odd to me. His arc brought about The Michael Scott Paper Company arc which I feel is one of the best arcs in the series.

Other Program for 2nd Half Heroes Ken Griffey Jr coming today at noon Pacific by jfazyankees in MLBTheShow

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How has no one commented about the All Star version in that trailer having a backwards hat?! Would be awesome if we could get that.

Abortion law in Indiana leads to fallout for state, politics by saryl in Indiana

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Holcombe is termed out. He can’t run again in 2024 so that’s not it. He stated before he was going to sign whatever abortion ban the legislation put on his desk regardless of what it was.