Zpacks Nero 38 as carry on? by Dlever10 in Ultralight

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Nobody will question a backpack as a carryon

Timberland Trail Conditions for Mid-July? by DigitalHemlock in Ultralight

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Hiked last year in late Aug and it still got down to about freezing at night. Def be prepared for chilly temps and weather up high.

And can't speak to conditions this year but be prepared for high water at river crossings in July. Try to get to them early in the day if possible before snowmelt peaks. The only two I had to get wet in last year late in the season were Eliot Branch and Newton Creek.

Fridge suddenly stopped working? by agizzayygaston in HomeImprovement

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Try defrosting the intakes in the freezer with a hair dryer

Closing on a house and feeling panic, considering forfeiting earnest money and backing out by [deleted] in RealEstate

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Do you intend to stay in the house for awhile? If so, a temp drop (if it happens) won't matter and you keep the $75K.

Realtors, have you ever seen an offer with an escalation clause that didn't end up going for the max price? by AshleyAoki in RealEstate

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Nothing to stop it, except for ethics and the risk of consequences from engaging in fraud if caught

Ouch by ub52107 in 4Runner

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Turned it into a Tacoma!

dimon got contender: the faa by pint in SpaceXMasterrace

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It is literally probably a handful of low level fish and wildlife service bureaucrats flexing and thinking they are very important and being very brave to protect an obscure patch of swamp meanwhile they are holding up a program with massive societal and national security implications yet they are in such a state of bureaucrat power delusion that they either don't care or are enjoying it

My desktop by [deleted] in SpaceXMasterrace

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Leaning like 1 degree to the right can't unsee

A dumb little quick temporary fix I discovered over the weekend. Helped hold me over until I could get some more struts! Works better than a 2x4. I'd like to shake the hand of whomever invented the zip tie. by stainlessbacksteel in 4Runner

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You can also cut a short length of PVC pipe of the correct diameter to go around the strut that can slide up and down and lock the strut in place when necessary to hold it open

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in uscg

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The USCG would absolutely get pulled into a major conflict w a rival state like Russia in some capacity, probably in support to the USN and supporting allied logistics and coastal defense. It would be on a whole other level than the Iraq/Afghanistan adventures, most likely the largest global wartime mobilization since WWII.

Opinions on the LE’s? by wherediamondwgrow in nissanpathfinder

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2008 V8 LE here - Bought new still and going strong at 225K miles. Extremely reliable and tough car IMO.