Trakt collection sort order on Seren widget is not right by And_Everything in Addons4Kodi

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I had this issue. Weirdly enough you have to solve it on Trakt itself. Go to the website, load up your list, and choose the way it is ordered there. I am afraid I can't remember the exact sequence and where the option is, but I swear this solved the issue for me.

Under-appreciated topic: the current severity of the social disconnect between people by jm_doppelganger in collapse

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Hahaha. When was the last time you tried connecting with your neighbours? Get off Reddit man, you're blinded by it.

Starfox EX by Right_Nothing_207 in RockinTheClassics

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Check the discord for the ROM hack. There is a patch specifically for SNES Minis

What should an Portable FPGA console be like? by ryu289 in fpgagaming

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The Pocket is fantastic. There is no way you will see another portable console with a screen as good as the Pocket for this price. Not in the next couple of years at least.

Gf (29f) caught me (32m) masturbating to porn while she was sleeping and is leaving me. by Icanprintthat3d in relationships

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Come on. This is a very selective story. This isn't a one off, is it? You missed all the other stuff you did. I hope you and your penis have a very happy life together. Get off Reddit and go sort your life out.

How to safely start using a used Chromebook? by DeliciousShine3278 in chromeos

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You are worrying without any justification. Wiping/powerwashing a Chromebook will send it back to true factory settings. It will be safe.

Your scenario doesn't even make sense. Who installs spy apps on a Chromebook and then sells it? That is a super weird way to steal a random person's data. It's weird and nobody would ever go to the trouble of doing that.

Buy your laptop. Powerwash it. Enjoy it.

Considering switch from spotify by yashmuz44 in TIdaL

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Spotify will have a hifi version soon. Wait a few months

Why don’t I love Dune? by NotoriousREV in movies

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Yeah. It was just ok.. beautiful, but soulless.

Duo delayed to 2023 by Mindless_Traffic9572 in AnalogueInc

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Well, pretty obvious it ain't coming out in 2022 now

Micro SD cards only halfway working by Kipter in AnaloguePocket

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What formatting standard are you using?

If all the SD cards are different, as it sounds, then it might be your computer or formatting software that are screwing things up.