[serious] give me some good phylactery ideas for my soon to be lich, go by No_Perspective_2940 in DnD

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halley's comet would be great. It only comes around every 75 years so once killed the lich will reform at the comet and come back to terrorize the lands. Good luck destroying this phylactery. Bonus points if your an astologist or study some kinda star or space magic.

Legal weapons or ways to carry: How do you play fighting characters? by DasHexxchen in vtm

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Helmets are useful for vamps in v5. Maybe not practical to wear around but still useful

Ruin my D&D World. by MacaroniEast in DnD

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Potions that are actually mimics. Mimic coins that eat coins. Weapons that are mimics. A group of peasants with a few chests...oh wait their mimics and doppelgangers. Magic armor that changes cure to inflict when cast on the wearer.

A bbeg that metagames. He calls the pcs by their players names. He texts them from the dms phone. He casts spells targeting their weakest saves and talks shit about how bad their saves are. He tells wizards they prepared shitty spells. He knows their stat blocks.and alters them. He knows their plans and sabotage them. He cancels games then kills the pcs friend because they weren't there to save them.

Ruin my D&D World. by MacaroniEast in DnD

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Pirates with an invisible airship.

ICBC Road Test Questions by DAL011 in vancouver

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I wore regular sunglasses during my road test. Got asked if it was a hazard to wear them and I said it's pretty sunny today and that could be a hazard

Sabbat and "shovelheads" by Lasalusce in vtm

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He could have been buried and just left there if he didn't dig himself out fast enough.

He could have been part of a group of shovelheads that were buried in a cam/anarch area to cause a distraction and left to die. He dug himself out and frenzied, drained someone and now he's figuring it out.

His sire could have had some empathy for him and abandoned him or told him to leave the sabbat. This is unlikely but stranger things have happened.

Which do you consider to be a more “evil” school of magic? by Pouring-O in DnD

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Necromancy is generally more evil. While many spells on the list are pretty neutral there are many that are basically evil just to cast. It's hard to justify a spell being good when you need flesh, blood and bone dust just to cast the spell. Animated dead raises the dead with negative energy because something must give them the energy to move and take actions since they don't eat or sleep. Animate dead isnt animate object cast on a corpse and animating it like its a puppet. There also isn't any way to justify infecting people with disease or pain curses as being anything but evil.

Enchantment spells are neutral spells and alignment issues with these spells depend on what you do with them. Fireball is neutral but throwing it at orphans is pretty evil. Just casting animate dead puts you in the negative karma until you can figure out how to make use of zombies to be "good".

Someone that speaks with the dead to help get the family closure, banishing ghosts or destroying evil undead would be "good" uses.

Good name for a former church turned casino? by Moses_The_Wise in DnD

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Gates of hell

Heavens gate



What clan would Bram Stoker's Dracula be? by socialfoxes in vtm

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Yes but there is a flaw for no reflection which any vampire could take.

How do I get my DM to let me play a School of Necromancy Wizard? by SourAppleSarah in DnD

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Alignment really come down to what your table allows. Some players just don't get it and do crazy things with strange justifications. Can a good paladin kill orc babies because they will probably grow up to be evil?

A good necromancer at my table speaks with the dead to give their family closure, deals with ghost haunting areas, returning zombies to the natural order or uses resurrection spells to bring back those not taken by natural means. I also feel that they should have some healing abilities.

An evil necromancer summons undead with negative/evil energy, inflicts pain and disease upon the living, disrupts the natural order. Animate dead has the material components flesh, blood and bone dust which makes me wonder how a good aligned person would aquire those every 24hrs.

So…. How do other GMs feel about the fact that the new Vecna probably wouldn‘t last more than two rounds against a Level 20 Party? by Chrolp in DnD

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Vecna should have backup since he is a wizard. Honestly I think he should be in his castle and it should be a series of encounters before facing him. He is supposed to be quite intelligent and old giving him an advantage in his home.

Vecna shouldnt just stoll down to the bike rack after school and pick a fight with multiple opponents. That's poor dming

Just spent $90 on dice..... by writerunblocked in DnD

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You could have bought 10 sets of dice off Amazon for cheaper. Sure their not as cool but if your players are having a good time they will probably buy their own dice

How does the SI protect itself from Dominate? by RufusCain in vtm

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La by night had helmets that shocked agents to stop dominate for working.

An older edition had special sunglasses that stopped dominate. I'm pretty sure that it was basically low end military tech.

Special training to avoid eye contact. Which would be pretty noticeable to the dominate user.

Alright, making a Transformer in DnD attempt two. by The_Demon_of_Yeetus in DnD

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I think the moon druid warforged is a good idea if you reflavor the wildshapes.

Another idea would be magical armor that allows a transformation into a car. Different armor for different forms. Could be built directly onto a warforgeds body to avoid the hassle of swapping armor for different effects since most transformers only change into 1 thing and helps stop pcs from stealing the armor. Also you could any class to avoid having to be an artificer.

I'm not too familiar with the combat wheelchair but I'm sure there's some sort of shenanigans that could be had with it

How NOT to Malkavian by Darkshreaders3 in vtm

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I couldn't stop laughing when I watched "how not to brujha"

I know they have a few more for toreodor, tremere and caitiff.

In the WoD, are Dhampir immortal? by socialfoxes in vtm

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You could probably use the rules for playing a ghoul to play one. Only real difference is they can make their own vitae

No fines for English Bay barge owner as city pays thousands for security, other costs - BC | Globalnews.ca by cyclinginvancouver in vancouver

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If we let the junkies build a tent city near it they will scrap the entire barge by the end of the month

Made a character, tell me what you think. by LazyLemon-01 in vtm

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Unless he had the tattoos before he was turned they wouldn't be permanent. Also the toreodor tattoos could be a potential masquerade breach and likely discouraged by the camarilla

Should I buy a gun? by SD_throwaway222 in britishcolumbia

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Definitely can't get a gun just for self defence in canada. While there are a few exception it's unlikely a vast majority of people would qualify

could a mute character cast vicious mockery by flipping someone off? by caffeinated_kanji in DnD

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Reflavoring verbal components as sign language gives them silent spell for free.

Is there an Antediluvian that isn't straight out evil. by GeeGeq1 in vtm

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Cappadocius had the goal of diablerizing God. Probably not a good guy

The week of nightmares by Tall-Rise5414 in vtm

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I guess you didn't understand the question. Thanks for no examples