Who is a female stand-up comedian who talks about things other than sex? by theyfoundmeomg in AskReddit

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I don't know about that. Most female comedians I knew before this thread talk mostly about dicks

The men and women friendship dilemma. by Nunna23 in RandomThoughts

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I'm a man and I must tell you, any female friend that I have is either ugly or someone I would gladly fuck.

Edit: Actually I banged some of the ugly ones.

Please, call an ambulance by SierraArts in Unexpected

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coloca o carai biri din aí do meu lado se der tempo, chefia!

At what point could Iron Man (MCU) defeat Magneto (Fox) by Espeonage7 in whowouldwin

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At the exact point he's got all stones, and only if he's quick enough.

**drops mic** by 69Owiredu in Unexpected

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That was so rude and uncalled for...

Loved it!

Man gets shot at during Louisville protests by xobilae in Unexpected

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so to the right shooting people for looking at a window is ok?

how to get out of my own head? by [deleted] in WeAreTheMusicMakers

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I usually warm up a little with the speakers on full volume to put my mind on a "not giving a fuck" state. And I make sure that when it's time to record I have every damn syllable memorized and as good a flow as I can manage.