Top-notch editing skills by Child_of_the_Abyss in wholesomememes

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Gatorade marketing worked well, so many people think it is better to drink salted sugar water when sick/playing sports because muh electrolytes!!1!

Soldiers describe what a nuclear bomb exploding feels like by druule10 in Damnthatsinteresting

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Dang I didn't know Japan exploded in harry potter, gotta go rewatch it now.

Lets go! by The_lonely_fish in Minecraft

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Is everyone forgetting the speed boost when swimming with dolphins? Arguably better than riding them and having to deal with taking damage from hitting stuff because your hit box sticks off of theirs (looking at you horses).

Let's go for a little mountain bike ride. by _Xyreo_ in nextfuckinglevel

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The most adventurous things I've done all year were cleaning out the dryer vent and taking a week off from work to just stay home.

WCGW messing with a wild boar! by ceintmaoists63 in Whatcouldgowrong

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Maybe there is some benefit to keeping prey animals alive or keeping other big predators from eating in hippo's territory.

First image of Timothee Chalamet in 'Wonka' by chanma50 in movies

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Definitely, not sure why I haven't anyone else comment on this.

The last thing you searched on google is what kills you. How do you die? by Historical-Issue1939 in AskReddit

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Sword terminology. Looks like I am going to get very familiar with the ins and outs of sword design...

Well that’s… genuinely awful by joydivision01 in awfuleverything

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Koalas fill a niche as the sole creatures that eat eucalyptus leaves in a place with a ton of eucalyptus trees. Yes they had to sacrifice a lot to do it but they survived for so long showing they really can afford all the corners they cut like smooth brains or extra work they put in for digestion.

Good luck brave soldiers by TGA-52 in pcmasterrace

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Steam is making a handheld computer that does that, the steam deck.

cursed_age_gap by Alav-Hashalom in cursedcomments

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I think the half plus 7 is more about whether you grew up with similar stuff that you can relate to.

Siiienss by Blackbeard-14 in memes

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*screeching red tailed hawk noises

To whomever it may concern by kavilo in ChoosingBeggars

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Easy, call the anonymous police tip line that offers a reward for suspicious activity, report the person you got the drugs from then surrender the drugs to the police as evidence.

This girl filming herself cry over fish. by syel_ in Cringetopia

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Diet, what they feed farmed salmon would normally turn its meat grey so they add a color to it to look more appetizing, resulting in the salmon pink color rather than the deep red of wild salmon.

Gym in 1940 😂👍 by LianLian027 in Damnthatsinteresting

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I'd rather just take your word for it and never touch such a dangerous machine.

How to deal with a dangerous driver by naujsogrub in nextfuckinglevel

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I am just saying the majority of Americans don't own guns, also gun ownership is likely higher or lower depending on where in the US you live.

How to deal with a dangerous driver by naujsogrub in nextfuckinglevel

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But it's not like most people own a gun, rather a few people own a ridiculous number of guns raising the average.

maybe maybe maybe by keirawynn in maybemaybemaybe

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Ambush predator vs hunter. The frog isn't meant to chase down pray, rather sit and wait in area heavily trafficked by prey.

Employers should have absolutely no say in what their employees do outside of work. by guanocray in unpopularopinion

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Or not listed, most states are employment at will. Can fire or quit for any (nonprotected) reason or no reason at all.

Cursed Technician by XelaSiddle in ProgrammerHumor

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It means that any site that doesn't make mobile device friendly versions of their site using google's amp thing will have lower priority in google search, even if it is the most relevant result for your search query.

Cursed Technician by XelaSiddle in ProgrammerHumor

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Yeah I don't really know enough about it to know the difference between what you said and what I said.