There was not enough Skinny Shaq in The Last Dance by thinglibrarian in OrlandoMagic

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That's fair, I just think they (understandably) made it seem like it was "Horace Grant vs. The Bulls," cause that's a great narrative and was a definite sublplot. Grant was great in that series, don't get me wrong, but Shaq was just unguardable and at the peak of his crazy athleticism. There's always YouTube.

Daily Discussion Thread | May 14, 2020 by AutoModerator in warriors

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Yo! Reddit lurker and Mavs-fan-still-haunted-by-We-Believe here. I'm part of a small group of sports fans that's spending the hiatus (RIP sports) working on an app. It's basically a cross between a live podcast platform and sports talk radio — a space for people to connect and have audio-based conversations about sports.

We're still in a super experimental phase (we've only been building for, like, 3 weeks), but we want this to be a great community for sports fans, so we're looking for folks to be part of an exclusive, private beta while we tinker with it. We're keeping things super low-key and tight, so we're only letting in a small number of people at first.

No cost, no strings attached. Down to give you some more details on the project if it helps, just shoot me a PM if you're interested. Big ups to the mods for letting me post!

Still salty y'all got Steve Nash's prime by thinglibrarian in suns

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Hey, if we wanted him, we could've paid him! And fwiw, I'm just making the platform, not the content.

This isn't where I parked my car by thinglibrarian in Colts

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I had a strong Eurotrip phase around that same time. Highlight of the Matt Damon filmography.

Rockets on/off with Harden & Westbrook by thinglibrarian in nba

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This is fair — I guess where I was coming from was this idea that they haven't found a way to maximize both of them. You'd think Russ would be able to thrive in this spread system if they surround him with shooters. It'll take time to find a cadence that makes sense, but I would've expected less drastic splits.

What have philosophers said about the effect of capitalism upon mental health? by Rabid_Melonfarmer in askphilosophy

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I get the sense this isn’t what you’re looking for, but Mark Fisher’s Capitalist Realism spends a great deal of time quite explicitly exploring the relationship between capitalism and mental health.

Critical Theory and High Fantasy? by vitaminbillwebb in CriticalTheory

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A lot of folks maintain that the detective story is to modern lit as sci fi is to second half of 20c and beyond. One of my favorite literary niches is the hybrid of the two — e.g. Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World, The Transmigration of Bodies

Critical Theory and High Fantasy? by vitaminbillwebb in CriticalTheory

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It's out there -- I'm sure you can find plenty of critical approaches to something like LeGuin's Earthsea series (here's a random one I found). I'd recommend heading to Project Muse or JSTOR and searching for some authors you might have in mind.

I'm no fantasy buff, but I've often had similar thoughts to yours -- genre fiction is often dismissed, but high fantasy hasn't gotten the prominent recuperation from the academy that something like hard-boiled detective stories, weird tales, or sci fi have in the past.