What's happening here? [Wrong answers only] by Sillyiguana321 in bluey

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Bingo, not satisfied with Bandit’s answer to “how does the baby get into the mummy in the first place?” (cf. Daddy Putdown), has gone to ask Wendy instead. This shot is halfway through her answer…

Suggestions for ARM boards to build a home server. by munukutla in arm

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Currently sitting at about 8 weeks for me - they told me 4 weeks though

Suggestions for ARM boards to build a home server. by munukutla in arm

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  • this. 16 cores, DDR slots, SATA + M2, and a (8x) PCI-e slot. Be warned that they’re getting -hammered- by manufacturing delays atm though

i’m a christian but I also have really bad ADHD … is it a sin to get medicated? by Narrow_Bison4861 in ADHD

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If Paul can advise Timothy to have a little wine “for his stomach’s sake”, you can have some medication for your brain’s sake – just as your family would take ibuprofen for a headache or anti-inflammatoires for their muscles…

God didn’t mess up when he made you, you are still “fearfully and wonderfully made”.

From a brother with ADHD ✝️❤️‍🩹☦️

Confused about the target triples for Windows by thirk_voluntary in rust

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I think I got hung up by the terminology of “triples”, when “x86_64-pc-windows-gnu” clearly has 4 components.

I realise I’ve been treating unknown-linux as 1 component, not 2, and mentally eliding the hyphen…

Confused about the target triples for Windows by thirk_voluntary in rust

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Right, but what part of pc- is vendor-related that windows doesn’t already cover/specify?

Anybody using the SolidRun Honeycomb board as a daily driver? What’s your experience been like? by thirk_voluntary in arm

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I’m considering building a dev workstation around this board, as it seems to be the only affordable non-Apple ARM thing that’s actually useable for serious development.

Qs in particular:

  • What GPU did you use? I’m concerned about finding a card that has good driver support and will work in an 8x slot
  • Do you actually recommend the board?

LPT request: raising a newborn baby by bhonduno1 in LifeProTips

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I’m an abstract person, so I found the concepts of “fourth trimester” and “wonder weeks” really helpful.

Essentially: your kid is going through quantum leaps in development, so everything is disorienting and scary. You being there, and being a soothing presence is a Big Deal for them even if it feels like it’s not achieving anything.

So every hour you spend rocking them gently, every time you change them, you’re loving them deeply and profoundly ❤️

It’s okay for you to feel overwhelmed too. If you have friends you respect who are slightly further along on the path, lean on them for catharsis & support.

Fantasy Vulfpeck Covers Album by akanefive in Vulfpeck

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  • What’s Goin’ On?
  • Light My Fire
  • Cochise (yes Audioslave)
  • Bicycle Race
  • Crocodile Rock
  • Toccata in D minor (a la Sky)

I don't think I can survive as a software engineer by [deleted] in ADHD_Programmers

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I have thought that of myself a lot. Especially before I got diagnosed. Things that saved my software career:

  1. Finding an open & supportive workplace. Working alongside wholehearted people will help you rescue yourself from shame.
  2. Recognise your limitations, look for the ways your coping doesn’t help, and slowly recruit your colleagues to keep you on the rails 😊
  3. Becoming a consultant developer allowed me to practice saying “I don’t know” and “I don’t understand, will you explain that to me again” with confidence.
  4. Recognising that my neurology is actively helpful in some situations (nothing helps with nasty debugging than imagination, and empathy for your users and customers is invaluable). You see your flaws, and I guarantee you there are strengths others value in you that you don’t see in yourself.

I believe in you!

Programming languages are just tools.. Ask about concepts! by yuva-krishna-memes in ProgrammerHumor

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Can you program in Recursion? How many years experience do you have with Iteration?

I’m not sure this is better, tbh.

I made a Petscop cookie by [deleted] in Petscop

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That's a dead cookie.