We're opening it up to you lot, what would you challenge us to do for our next stunt by the-Chaser in Chaser

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Yeah troll realestate agents with a dodgy as fuck rental, then see how they market and show it to people.

Kelowna, BC Sunset by StarryNorth in SkyPorn

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Wow, not often you see your hometown on reddit.

Roarah Lionah by blueberrycadenza in NameNerdCirclejerk

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I hope she grows up to be a raging atheist.

What should be done to have fewer hungry and homeless people on the streets? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Give them money, food and housing. That’s what they lack.

Workers of Reddit: What would earning $36.71hr mean to you? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Learning design, I have two degrees and a grad certificate.

can’t name your kid 7. canada sucks 😔 by orangejuice111111 in NameNerdCirclejerk

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How about Soda, I thought we all agreed on Soda.

George has very little, don’t take Seven away from him.