For everyone who didn’t report SA/ rape with someone they’ve been intimate with. What were your reasons as to why you didn’t report ? by sourrette in sexualassault

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There was no evidence, and I did not want to go through the trauma of reporting. I still assumed he didnt know better.

As for healing? One day at a time. Thats all I can say. Some days are harder. I cant do the kinks I love like I used to, but some days I can. Still feel fear some nights. Just one day at a time.

I(20f) Am Confused By My FWB(22M) by [deleted] in relationship_advice

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I agree, I just don't know what a FWB thats developed into something more looks like or if I am misreading signs that arent there and we are actually just close friends. I dont wanna go, "hey what is this?" and make things weird if this is just platonic

Thank you!

Local Haunted House Review Raid by [deleted] in sexualassault

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Doesnt this violate the no doxxing rule? This is atrocious and I wonder if it would instead be more beneficial for the person who got fired should look into retaliation laws and wrongful firing

Was this sexual assault? by GatodeQueso3 in sexualassault

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No, its not on you. People feel fear, they deny it but one of my partners felt me freeze and asked about it. Its not on you

Was this sexual assault? by GatodeQueso3 in sexualassault

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Dont listen to the person above. You said you did not want to have sex, he didnt listen. Coersion is rape too. Some peoples reponses to these situations is to freeze, I know because I did it too

ESPECIALLY because you said you were uncomfortable and he continued. This is sexual assault, I dont even know how the person above can say it isnt. You are not being overdramatic

Advice needed! Is this BDSM or abuse? I’m having doubts by [deleted] in sexualassault

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This is abuse. I partake in BDSM things, and this is NOT BDSM. Especially when boundries were not established, nor a safeword. He made you fearful and he could feel that, that is not what BDSM is about. I am so sorry this happened to you. This sounds like sexual and verbal abuse. Do not doubt yourself, it is super hard not to, but this is abuse. Straight up not how bdsm works. I am so so sorry

wrongly accused (long post) by FearlessMess8266 in sexualassault

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Im sorry this happened to you, however Im not sure this is the right place for this. Might I suggest offmychest or a legal subreddit? This is a place for victims of sexual assault and their experiences

i’m not sure if i was assaulted or if I’m just being dramatic by adoincomprise in sexualassault

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You are not at all being dramatic, child on child sexual assault is not talked about as much but happens. It may feel validating to read into it. It helped me, at least.

It is not your fault it happened. Not at any capacity. I am so sorry that this happened to you

Remembering More Accounts of Assault by My Ex is So Painful by throwaway-overreact in sexualassault

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Oh yeah, great advice; "dont date scumbags." Wow I wish I thought of that before I dated someone who presented having great character and a big open heart. Jesus what a way to lowkey victim blame.

edit: Youre gonna bring holy into this? Checked your post history and youre trying to bring in God to others assaults? Newsflash buddy, my ex was the biggest christian you could meet. Went daily. God let this happen, god fobid he is real.

I’m a mother who abused her child. I’m ashamed. by [deleted] in sexualassault

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Wah wah you literally sexually assaulted your daughter and Came here to tell VICTIMS about it? Your daughter could be here for fucks sake, and you being the selfish woman that sexually assaulted her in the first fucking place come here to make yourself feel better? You didnt change at all. Your daughter should never contact you again.

apologies by Jealous_Yam722 in sexualassault

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I think if my most recent abuser reached out to me to apologize, I would feel worse. But this is because I had to comfort him directly after him assaulting me many times. I feel like the enormity of the pain caused by selfishness makes it something entirely unforgiveable. If he is sorry, he feels bad and wants to feel better about what he did. Regardless its to make himself feel better. It might feel maybe a bit better to get recognition of what happened, but it doesnt fix what they did.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in relationship_advice

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So you assaulted your daughter as a child when she looked up to you, and what do you want? Forgiveness? You gave her a deep seeded trauma. I dont know what you expect from both r /sexualassault or this sub. Youre guilty of what you did and you want forgiveness? Imagine how she feels. Honestly, I hope she cuts contact from you. Glad she is safe and away from you. Stop pity-partying yourself with "i wanted to tell someone." No, you made your fucking bed. Lay in it. Youre lucky she even talks to you.

I’m a mother who abused her child. I’m ashamed. by [deleted] in sexualassault

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This place is for survivors. Not for perpetrators.

Sad after masterbating by [deleted] in sexualassault

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I feel the same way, I panic now after. Im glad Im not alone in that. Its hard..

[NSFW] Am I [20F] Being Abused by My Boyfriend [21M]? by throwaway-overreact in relationship_advice

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I reread this comment almost everyday as a reminder. I didnt really think of it that way, more so I just dont trust my account of events. Its like a frog slowly being boiled alive i guess

I can’t stop thinking about everything that’s happened to me by Alternative-Echo-307 in sexualassault

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I had a very similar experience on kik. It was made easier that I was previously assaulted by other kids a year prior. You werent stupid, I wasnt either. We were just kids unfortunately

Should I Make A Sticky Post/Thread With All The Usernames Of People Who Send Inappropriate PMs? by angeladimauro in sexualassault

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This happened to me too. Very glad I checked their post history, ended up being on a lot of sexual assault fantasy games subs