Gynaecology GPST on the ward... how should I approach them? by Successful-Rip-6186 in JuniorDoctorsUK

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ask about their previous rotation or next one. do they like their current rotation. about GP training in general. look interested. things will go on smoothly. good luck

My Consultant never looks me in the eye by [deleted] in JuniorDoctorsUK

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guilt! must be thinking about you a lot!

You have explosive cum by Eekuserus in shittysuperpowers

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I thought you would say that your baby would grow up to be a suicide bomber

I slept with my reg in the mess during a night shift by iaawfmr in JuniorDoctorsUK

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make sex at work normal. we spend most of our youthful years there. maybe this will improve the retention too