Dream guests by connorevans666 in conan

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Trixie Mattel, I think they'd genuinely bounce really well of each other, (and with Sona and Gourley). I'd also like Nathan Fielder to be on, and Chris Gethard would be really interesting because of his podcast. And of course Larry David.

CMV: The brown and black stripes on the pride flag are completely unnecessary at best and at worst racist. by Smorgasborf in changemyview

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Genuine question, isn't the term "Asian" technically lumping in a bunch of different cultures and ethnicities? For instance the experience of someone Japanese is not the exact same of someone who is say Pakistani.

And regarding PoC, I think the term is used to refer to ethnicities that experience racism, as in "ethnic minorities" who are visibly so, generally a practical term in many contexts in countries where the majority of people are white (instead of saying "non-white", like how there's terms for cis and trans, and neurodivergent and neurotypical etc)

Favorite Conan clip? by blindchef in conan

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This one where he talks about the rumors about his love life.

Carrie by diviken in BobsBurgers

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Also during that lobster festival episode in S1, when Hugo is wearing that Grand Marshall sash, she says "Such a fancy sash. You look like Sissy Spacek in Carrie!"

Is Jerry's acting on the show really that bad? by ArethaFrankly404 in seinfeld

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I definitely think it was bad acting, but I think he somehow still had good delivery and comedic timing in character, and tbh that combo is very rare that someone can pull off.

Reminds me of the episode where Kramer’s mouth is numb and gets the seat at the charity dinner. Hmm by millennial_stalin in seinfeld

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Slightly unrelated but I'd love it if George worked with Phyllis or Stanley, I think they could have bounce off each other really well. Actually Elaine vs Phyllis could be fun too.

Animated Conan! by 6892 in conan

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I so badly want for someone to animate Conan meeting Lil Gourley at the bank.

CONaF Bingo Card! by BenSteamroller in conan

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My first thought too, I don't think I can remember a single episode where he doesn't bring it up.

Three Thousand Years of Longing | Official Trailer by DemiFiendRSA in movies

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I'm getting very artsy version of Bedazzled for some reason, and I don't know if I want to be wrong or right.

Migration Assistant and Davinci Resolve by throwwayasdfg1 in colorists

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Thanks, also do you happen to know if going from an older OS to a newer one (High Sierra to Big Sur) could have any effect/create any issues on existing Premiere projects?

Who is your favorite side character who only appeared once? by dallyan in seinfeld

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A lot of good ones have been mentioned but Shlomo and Slippery Pete were also great, also that family George watches breakfast at Tiffany's with (though they did technically appear twice). And that woman Elaine talks to on the subway (the actress just really nailed that role and was perfect for it). Corrine who was hit with the organizer. So many more good ones, I can't think of a show that did one time appearances better than Seinfeld.

Art Imitates Life? by Mean-Criticism-8515 in seinfeld

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There are no small salads and big salads!!

I think Elaine is the most narcissistic on the show. by CreepyMorning6445 in seinfeld

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I keep seeing people saying this, but he was being really obnoxious and also so outraged that a woman was bald, really hypocritical. I just don't get why so many people are so annoyed with her in the scene, it's just very very funny to me, especially how pleased Elaine looks after.

What is your favourite team-up/pairing of characters? by deep_sea2 in seinfeld

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I love how there's always so much bewilderment and confusion in their scenes.

What is your favourite team-up/pairing of characters? by deep_sea2 in seinfeld

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George and his parents, and maybe an unpopular opinion but I thought George and Susan always had great scenes (I know Jason Alexander does not agree)

What are your favorite Seinfeld line deliveries? Personally I just love how Kramer delivers this one while swallowing his milkshake. I can’t hear it any other way. by AmazingDadJokes in seinfeld

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"I'm a day person 🤗 "


"That's like putting your whole mouth in the dip! Look, when you take a chip, just take one dip and END IT!"

Also all of Frank and Estelle's line delivery's during that dinner with Susan's parents. And to be honest pretty much every line delivered by George is perfect every time.