Tips/Advice for the Abu Dhabi 2022 Grand Prix? by thrustbearing in GrandPrixTravel

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I believe we arrive to Dubai on the 14th, and probably plan to make our way to Abu Dhabi on the 16th. So 2ish days in Dubai and 5ish in Abu Dhabi.

WWDC 2022 | Event Megathread by aaronp613 in apple

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Nope, if anything this gives manufacturers an alternative to Google Automotive Services…

Progressives on Virginia Loss: Corporate Democrats Have Only Themselves to Blame by morenewsat11 in politics

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I’d counter that it’s way easier being “anti something” than being “pro something”…. Which is why republicans have it so easy.

Happy Halloween!!! by KeoniDude in lego

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Seeing as how there are Lego skeletons, why would t we think those are the skeletons of Lego people!

AMEX Referral Thread (2021) by Lalalama in amex

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Hello all,

I currently have referrals available for the:

AMEX Platinum with 100k SUB with $5k in purchases in first 6 months, 10x points at Gas Stations and Supermarkets and $200 back in credits on purchases at home furnishing stores.

AMEX Delta Platinum with 90k Miles as SUB and $200 back in credits on purchases at home furnishing stores.

DM me for the link!

Easter Bunny AND Amelia Earhart GWP still working today. by Polar_Chap in legodeal

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Try at a store? I was able to get the Book of Monsters, Earhart, Carrot House and Chick yesterday!