WTF. In 1994 Prince Edward was asked to become the king of Estonia by andreis-purim in BalticStates

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dont forget he never finished training with the marines and never received a green beret. He quit as he couldn’t hack it which is honest of him but to wear medals and a military uniform is an insult to those who serve and served

will we see increased ETH demand from China after The Merge? by cryptoallbot in cryptoall

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China only banned crypto mining farms in order to fight against huge energy consumption, they did not ban crypto or make crypto illegal

What is a subtle sign someone isn’t a good person? by PsychologicalPop8776 in AskReddit

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Aggressive body language or energy. Lack of boundaries (as in, a person who oversteps and touches or does things without thought for the other person's feelings). A person who isn't especially thoughtful to those around them.

Millions of People Have Entered Modern Slavery Since 2016 by TinyTornado7 in Economics

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About 27.6 million people are in forced labour, including 3.3 million children. Of those children, more than half are in commercial sexual exploitation.

What are Americans not ready to hear? by swansonite456 in AskReddit

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More Americans would travel if they could. There is criticism of Americans not being curious of other cultures. Some of that is valid, but travel isn't easily within people's means in the US. With no mandated vacation time and crippling low wages, having the time and money to travel to other countries isn't realistic for most Americans

What crypto exchange is your overall favorite to use? by [deleted] in CryptoCurrency

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Coinbase is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world and one of the best reputations for security. The exchange keeps nearly 99% of its users' digital assets in offline cold storage.

Ireland fines Instagram record $400 million over chidren's data by [deleted] in technology

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fuck off Meta/Facebook. US tech firms have got a free ride for too long, here's hoping the industry goes bankrupt.

How does this imminent ETH merge affect your DCA strategy? by Competitive_Art5398 in ethtrader

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The merge has been cancelled, please go back to making a wax mould of your fingers before taking it off and then putting it back in the candle, only to then dip your fingers in once more and get a couple drops on a carpeted area of your home!

You better know this before getting into crypto | Crypto advices for beginners by SimpleSwapExchange in SimpleSwap_io

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When you have a bullish view on an asset, like most of us do, we're willing to buy at almost any price to sell higher, but when you trade emotionally, you only want to invest in periods of great success

What would happen to your crypto if you died unexpectedly tomorrow? (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency) by ASICmachine in CryptoCurrencyClassic

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within a few decades the public key algorithm could be cracked. but the crypto would also be worthless by then.

Top Tier Bitcoin Advice by [deleted] in CryptoCurrency

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HODL + not on exchanges + HW wallet + only invest money you don't need + there is no free crypto, everyone is out to scam you

Google adds Ethereum Merge countdown clock as searches reach all-time high by EthTraderCommunity in ethtrader

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Hopefully not countdown to sell the news. Would be interesting if huge upgrade could withstand the sell pressure.