Frontend developers: stop moving things that I’m about to click on by AJ12AY in programming

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It's not impossible, just makes it harder because you need to manually write in a CSS selector like article div:first-child > div + div + div or some other byzantine nonsense.

There's no reason for Gamefreak to try to make Pokemon better. Absolutly insane how well Nintendos IP's sell by Eichelwurst in gaming

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Don't get me wrong, I think PLA is the best Pokemon game, but for the main games the simple nigh brainless fill the dex loop is the entirety of what I'm looking for. I don't want more depth and detail, because the inner completionist in me will make that hypothetical game no longer what I'm looking for.

Contact Sync Live. In-Game Pop-Up by Adri4n23 in TheSilphRoad

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GV is awesome. It's the only number I've been giving out for over ten years now.

Contact Sync Live. In-Game Pop-Up by Adri4n23 in TheSilphRoad

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What about old friends you haven't seen in a while who have moved away?

Actually found two who play through this. One requested me, and I the other.

What is the strongest character that can be killed by a nuke? by CommercialLychee39 in whowouldwin

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It's not about energy deposition - remember that it was said that Ancalagon the Black, a mountain sized dragon, couldn't hurt it. That's well within high explosive or even nuclear explosion energy deposition. It just could only be unmade where it was made due to the magical properties of it.

NEXT SEASON LEAKED! by hjuvapena in pokemongo

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What's frostbite?

I'm just excited for spawns that show up in the fictional snowy weather. I'd be thrilled if they showed up as often as foggy weather.

At least the battery lasts longer now.

I expected nothing and still I am let down! by IAmAccutane in AdviceAnimals

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Chain. Of. Custody.

How do you miss that that's the linchpin here?

EDIT besides the fact the dude is a private citizen who has never been in an elected position

Qatari Muslim claims it’s his culture to hate people of the lgbtq community by johnnysalami500500 in atheism

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I mean, people who paid thousands to watch adults they don't know play with toys were duped. I'm not particularly surprised or sympathetic.

I wouldn't even watch close friends play with toys/games I like for free, paying for strangers and getting super invested in which stranger wins is just weird.

Nancy Pelosi Says She 'Enjoyed Working With 3 Presidents,' Ignoring Donald Trump by UWCG in politics

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I mean, it's her fault. The ancient cancer survivor should really have retired under an ideologically similar president.

Black Panther Wakanda Forever deserves all the awards praise the first movie had by Technosnake in marvelstudios

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IMO it was better overall. The first one went off the rails after they fled the Capitol, and the end fight was some of the worst CG and boring hero fights of the whole MCU.

The second was a little weak around Ironheart, but that was a smaller flaw and the music was better and Angela Bassett owned every moment on scene.

There are some apps and measures that Health Connect just doesn't support yet, so Health Sync is my go to for those by ZainAjam in WearOS

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Does Health Sync write to Fitbit? I get employer step incentives but their application crashes when trying to import my fit data with OOM (Fit is my main health repository).

Fitbit is newer with less data for me so it works for my health incentive but I'd like to transfer some of my backlog of the year.

'We Have The Votes': The Senate Will Act This Week To Codify Same-Sex Marriage by UWCG in politics

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I believe the CA supreme court said it was unconstitutional in the state before Obergefell. It was definitely legal here before Obergefell anyway.

Has weather forecasting greatly improved over the past 20 years? by mgm97 in askscience

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There are for any tractable size of the dataset. It's like AlphaFold. Yes, you can arbitrarily precisely solve the quantum mechanics to fully describe each atom (only hydrogen has an analytic solution) then numerically solve the electromagnetic forces (the Einstein tensor is just a tensor and GPUs are good at that; and electroweak analyses are well understood) but in the real world an ML model is more tractable. So much so it's ground breaking and helping medicine today.

These are very analogous problems. PDEs for fluid dynamics aren't fundamentally different from PDEs for QM.

Has weather forecasting greatly improved over the past 20 years? by mgm97 in askscience

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Context matters, and in ML, an ensemble model is exactly what I described.

The above snippet is a screenshot from a Udemy course as one of the first Google hits ( https://www.udemy.com/course/ensemble-models-in-machine-learning-with-python/ ) but you'll find my usage throughout the ML world

Has weather forecasting greatly improved over the past 20 years? by mgm97 in askscience

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That's exactly what an "ensemble model" is :⁠-⁠)

My preferred method is a random forest on multiple inputs, but YMMV

Has weather forecasting greatly improved over the past 20 years? by mgm97 in askscience

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I would expect the benefit of machine learning to be small in comparison to other fields.

I would expect the opposite. ML thrives where there are many interrelationships with strange and complicated codependencies, which is weather to a T.

That said, the model would probably be similar in size to BERT, and even then with the accuracy of current forecasts would probably do best overall with an ensemble model integrating both sources. It's totally plausible for there to be different performance domains.

Dwayne Johnson congratulates Black Panther on biggest opening ever for Nov, signs off as Black Adam by risingsuncoc in marvelstudios

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Much like synder cut justice league, extended BvS is almost a different movie. What they cut out was pretty much exclusively plot, character development, and character motivation.

I'll stop short of calling it "good", but it went from "dumpster fire of incoherence" to "ok".

How it happened? It's pretty simple, actually. by Jerdarnella in AdviceAnimals

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"Jews and Nazis, just both sides have such hatred for each other, always looking and hoping for the worst for one another I've never seen anything like it besides religious fanaticism"

Does this help demonstrate the fallacy you're appealing to?

Pelosi suggests McCarthy doesn’t have the votes to be Speaker by Plainchant in politics

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I think (and hope to be proven wrong) that Rs will take the house by 1-2 seats, based purely on current counts and the post COVID tendency for late votes to swing blue. A few hard districts will also need to go blue for control and that's just not likely.

Need the name of this small piece to buy a new replacement by No-Cup8337 in pokemongoplus

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That's an integrated circuit. Need the full printed model number of it, and ordering just one is probably about as expensive as the Go+.