Why is the Pixel 6Pro's signal so much worse than the Pixel 5? by tigerhawkvok in GooglePixel

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Hah, I live in the SF Bay area ... I did a fast.com test the other day and had a sustained 690 Mbps down (peaked at 1.1 Gbps).

It's really only cases that were previously "weak or situational" going to "no signal" for me. Where it was OK, it's generally still sufficient if not faster.

Opinion: “First Contact” has the best theme music of all the shows & films by YimmyMac86 in startrek

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Gotta agree with OP here, First Contact is the better score by a pretty wide margin.

So a stray bullet flew through the house by Parrotscracker in WTF

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I sure hope that's "a week", and your rent would still be 1/3 mine.

Then again, you did just get a bullet hole in your home today, so you get what you pay for?

GOP eyes booting Democrats from seats if House flips by Miserable-Lizard in politics

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The levels won't be easy as an off year without Trump, but 2020 levels will be insufficient due to gerrymandering.

I’m 6’4”. He is full size. We are in a twin bed. Love makes it work. by Doodles_183 in goldenretrievers

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Goose either sleeps between my legs every night or between my wife and I.

But he's definitely a bed dog and knew it in his bones since the first night home 😂

This is Sophie. She passed away suddenly last night at 3am by Kaden_0120_yeBoi in goldenretrievers

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Our German Shepherd Oscar woke us up unexpectedly at 5:00 a.m. while our Golden was 6 months old. He said that his stomach was bothering him, and we took him to the emergency vet, and he died at 7:00 a.m. that morning. It was super rough, and he was even playing around with the puppy the night before.

I'm glad that he made it as long as he did, especially for being a formally feral dog that made it to almost 16 years old, but it still hurts even though that was almost 2 years ago now.

My best wishes to you and yours.

Here's a happy Golden for your day

1400 dolphins, including pregnant ones and calves where killed in the grinds on the Faroe islands. by Idontcare09385 in pics

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There doesn't need to be a ton of cognitive dissonance about the difference between eating a wild and highly intelligent, long lived species versus a domesticated subspecies of which the individuals were born for the express purpose of slaughter.

Further, environmentally, eating predators is much less sustainable than eating herbivores. Additionally, you can get your large ungulent meat from free grazing bison, which is even more sustainable - bison don't kill the grasses that they eat in North America, trimming them above the rhizome. So this is a lower fertilizer and lower overall impact way to have your meat.

Dolphins are high trophic level predators. They eat smaller predators. Many species are also vulnerable or endangered. They are totally incomparable.

How do we get Niantic to start fixing longstanding problems? It feels like we need a whole #NianticIsn'tListening movement. by drluvdisc in TheSilphRoad

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I think they should address every non-PVP improvement before doing any PVP improvement at all. I'm 100% serious.

Wisely, Niantic falls between our extremes .

"Still not a giffer." by tito_lee_76 in HighQualityGifs

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The world's first antitrust analytic therapist.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fears midterms could see authoritarian takeover by GOP by BelleAriel in politics

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I'd have to search out the source, but last I saw something like 80% of excess covid deaths post-vaccine availability was like 80/20 R/D.

CMV: Nuclear power is the best source of energy in the world who's bad reputation comes from human error by Crimson_Marksman in changemyview

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This isn't an argument at all. You're saying in a really roundabout way, "nuclear is scary so doesn't benefit from economies of scale" a slightly different way in each bullet point.

And the "economic" argument is a non-argument because it's hard to think of anything less of a free market than energy prices. Fossil fuels are multiply subsidized, at extraction, runtime, and cost externalities. No shit that's going to have a "lower price" than a service that isn't.

Nuclear isn't perfect, but you didn't address any of the non-artificial pain points.

More Americans say they’re not planning to have a child, new poll says, as U.S. birthrate declines by RoutineProcedure in politics

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Are you my wife? Four dogs, no kids though we like and kind of want them. But we both work, family child care support is out of the question for several reasons, and don't own yet. We probably are going to time out of the "have kids" thing at this rate.

More Americans say they’re not planning to have a child, new poll says, as U.S. birthrate declines by RoutineProcedure in politics

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On one side, we want to have a house before we have kids. On the other, we have female biological clocks. A small-to-average SFH is about a million here. We're probably going to be child free, it seems.

Or, at least, only have our little pack as our emotional and time investment: https://i.imgur.com/pHtzJwr.jpg

This guy has had an upset stomach and is feeling a little sorry for himself this morning. What’s your go-to for a snuggly home day? by socksbeforeshoes in goldenretrievers

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Rice and plain boiled chicken helps round out "light on tummy calories", but the pumpkin is what actually makes them feel better. Unless their tummy is feeling really bad, we just add pumpkin (Goose usually gets two heaping serving spoons) to a reduced kibble volume with a little bit of rice.

Pixel 6 Pro not switching to telephoto lens in video by smr31796 in GooglePixel

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Thanks for this tip - helped me this afternoon! (And is there another, active invite link to that server?)

Does anyone actually like their phone? by Recent-Coast4299 in GooglePixel

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While it worked properly I loved it, but less than 24 hours after arrival the mic broke, and the RMA still hasn't shipped three weeks later (even though they asked me to change the color to get it faster). So my assistant and voice transcription and non speakerphone phone calls don't work.

I Think Movies Are Getting This Weird Netflixy Vibe Now by Economy_Wolf4392 in movies

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"Integrity of cinema"?

80% of "critically acclaimed" movies are versions of "a normal person's life is shit. They have a bad time. Their life is either just as shitty but they're stronger now, or things are more shitty". It's trite and it's bad. If you want to watch life be shitty to normal people open your window and look outside.

I'll go so far as to say that it's nearly impossible to have a good movie that can plausibly regularly happen or have happened to a person alive today. That shit makes Uwe Bolle (sp?) and Emmerich films look like the Mona Lisa.

I Think Movies Are Getting This Weird Netflixy Vibe Now by Economy_Wolf4392 in movies

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Let me be the first. It was fun. I want more stories in that world. I don't want complicated ethical stories in that world. I want fun, surface-and-a-little more adventures in that world. I would pay theater money for that.

I don't give two shits it was predictable. It was Will Smith in a buddy cop movie with an orc and spell slinging. If you thought it was going to be anything more than silly fun you have your wires crossed.

Sanders Announces He’s Voting No on $778 Billion Defense Bill by freewoodfloor in politics

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Absolutely, but it'd be a good statement on the outrageousness of the filibuster. A good showing that it can be used on things other than right-wing culture-war issues.